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Synonyms for fort

hold the fort


Synonyms for fort

a fortified military post where troops are stationed

gather in, or as if in, a fort, as for protection or defense

enclose by or as if by a fortification

station (troops) in a fort

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An indication is that on the farm at Blindburn at the head of the Coquet Valley, run by Matt Ridley and his mother Judith, is the Chew Green complex of Roman earthwork marching camp and fortlet.
And also Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles, Caer Gybi Roman Fortlet, Caer Leb, St Seiriol's Well, Penmon Cross, Priory and Dovecote on Anglesey, Derwen Churchyard Cross.
At the last two locations it was thought appropriate to replace the existing installations by the construction of major new forts in the new military style, while at Richborough a substantial fortlet centred on the site of the monumental arch was similarly dispensed with in favour of a new fort (Cunliffe 1968).
He has previously discovered an unknown Roman fortlet (a small fort) and numerous prehistoric sites in the area.
A large square temporary camp is over-lain by a series of later camps and a fortlet, defended by a rampart and triple ditches.
His metal detecting had already led to the uncovering of a previously unknown Roman fortlet on the site and Bronze Age settlements dating back thousands of years, The most recent finds indicate the Vikings navigated the River Mersey, landing at Warburton and possibly settling at the site of the former Bronze Age and Roman settlements.
He has already uncovered a Roman fortlet at nearby Warburton and found Roman coins and brooches.