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wine to which alcohol (usually grape brandy) has been added

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At present, the excise tax rate on malt beer imported to Azerbaijan is 1 manat per liter wines from fresh grapes, including fortified wines grape must 2 manats per liter sparkling wines - 2.
A light 11% ABV but with all the depth of a fortified wine.
There are, of course, other types of fortified wines besides Port and Sherry.
But two other, lesser known fortified wines, Maury and Banyuls, were great.
Port is a fortified wine, which means that brandy is added partway through the fermentation process.
Heavy, sweet fortified wines are suitable companions for the sweetest dishes.
Making up the rest of the list are cider and alcopops at pounds 19, champagne at pounds 18 and finally fortified wines with pounds 16.
EUROPEAN Union (EU) ministers have been asked to approve a trade deal between the EU and Iceland, which will see wine, fortified wines, and unsweetened mineral waters (carbonated or still) being imported and exported across the north-east Atlantic duty free.
not previously well-known for other than fortified wines.
Airlines enter the awards with selections of red, white, sparkling, sweet and fortified wines from their first and business class services.
He said: "It's ridiculously strong - stronger than most fortified wines.
FOR our last look at the results from this year's International Wine Challenge, it's the turn of sherry, port and similar fortified wines.
By the 1900s, fortified wine production dominated the Australian wine industry and Penfolds gained a strong reputation for its fortified wines.
Portugal's Douro wine-producing region, named for the river that runs through it, is best known for its ports, those fortified wines we love to sip after dinner or on the terrace with friends.