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a United States Army base in Maryland

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CBS News broadcast images of a black sport utility vehicle with what appeared to be bullet holes in the front windshield at the gate of Fort Meade, the US Army installation that is the home of the NSA, as well as the US Cyber Command and Defence Information School.
One branch is located on the Fort Meade Army Garrison.
FMCCU's two branch locations on and around Fort Meade, Md.
5 billion in assets, 7 million members), plans to maintain both of Fort Meade Community's branches, one on the Fort Meade base, the other three miles southeast of Fort Meade in the Odenton Shopping Center.
A strip of hotels, motels and other businesses is less than 10 miles from Fort Meade in Jessup.
Judge Denise Lind also dishonorably discharged Manning, 25, from the military at the court martial at Fort Meade, a US Army base in Maryland.
Fort Meade, Maryland: Lawyers for Bradley Manning, the US soldier convicted of giving classified documents to WikiLeaks, sought to show during a sentencing hearing on Tuesday that the Army ignored his mental health problems and bizarre behavior.
Manning's sentencing begins today at Fort Meade, Maryland.
FORT MEADE -- A US military judge found Wikileaks' source Army Private First Class Bradley Manning guilty of several counts of espionage on Tuesday but cleared him of the charge of "aiding the enemy" for giving classified secrets to WikiLeaks.
Protesters called for his release outside the base in Fort Meade, Maryland.
Lacy MacAuley draws peace symbols with chalk on the road as protesters rally to call for the release of jailed US Army Private Bradley Manning, a central figure in the Wikileaks case, outside the gates at Fort Meade, Maryland, US on June 1.
He told the hearing at Fort Meade, Maryland: "I believe if the public had access to the information it could spark a discussion on the role of the military and foreign policy.
Yes, Russell said, Stripes was being moved to the military's information offices at Fort Meade, Md.
Ryan Jean, an intelligence officer at Fort Meade in Maryland who describes himself as an atheist, to gain recognition as a lay leader assisting a chaplain in ministering to the troops.
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