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(Norse mythology) god of justice

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We were here because Bordeaux is the greatest wine region in the world and, for a week, the Viking Forseti cruises the Gironde - is classed as an estuary - and its two main tributaries the Garonne and the Dordogne.
Forseti has its own sommelier, Frank, who spends much of his time sharing his wine knowledge.
Richter reported from Munich, "and we have designed a focused program with the Shanghai Technology Stock Exchange to gain approval from the Ministry of Health, then proceed with the commercialization of the Forseti product line in an alliance with major Chinese pharmaceutical companies.
Alexandra Lobkowicz , Godmother of Viking Forseti, is the chairman of the nonprofit that oversees the preservation of the vast Lobkowicz collections including thousands of works of art, a significant library and family archive spanning eight centuries.
Narayanan's genetic research, or to inquire about partnering and investment opportunities with Forseti Biosciences for bringing potential cancer drugs to market, contact Dr.
Guests on the Chateaux, Rivers & Wine cruise will travel on the state-of-the-art Viking Forseti, which will be the newest and most innovative ship to sail the rivers of the Aquitaine Valley-and the first Viking Longship to sail in France.
The last trainer to land the Autumn Double was Sam Darling in 1925; he saddled Forseti to win the Cesarewitch and Masked Marvel the Cambridgeshire.
and International patent applications for these two genes covering utility have been published, and are licensed exclusively to Forseti by FAU.
Forseti is working to co-develop a novel antisense drug to the SIM2 gene to treat pancreatic cancer, for which no effective therapy is currently available.
Earlier this year, ENAS made an oil and gas discovery in sandstone of the Jurassic age at the Hanz prospect, located approximately 9 miles (15 kilometers) south of Balder and an oil discovery in sandstone of Paleocene age at the Forseti prospect approximately 4 miles (7 kilometers) north of Balder.
ENAS has a 100 percent working interest in Ringhorn, Forseti and the Balder field, and a 50 percent interest in Hanz.
Ramaswamy Narayanan, President & CEO, Forseti Biosciences, Inc.
Various development scenarios for Forseti and Hanz, including the use of Balder field infrastructure, are currently being evaluated for these two discoveries.
6 million QSR common shares from Forseti Investments Ltd.
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