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The hydrolysis of formyl group was ascertained by the absence of NCHO proton signal at 7.
A chemical extra known as a formyl group on one of the chlorophyll's carbons appears to set chlorophyll f apart from its kin, says study leader Min Chen of the University of Sydney in Australia.
The oxidation has been found to involve the formyl group and thus in this work the kinetics of oxidation of 3-fsa and 5-fsa to 2-hydroxy-1,3-benzenedicarboxilic acid and 2-hydroxy-1,5-benzenedicarboxilic acid respectively have been studied.
This absorbance appears to occur thanks to a chemical decoration known as a formyl group on the chlorophyll's carbon number two.
The amino group of the aminoacids modified by acetyl, methyl, formyl groups and etc.