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one of a chain of retail stores under the same management and selling the same merchandise

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The formula business bans are structured to avoid this problem by not banning chains outright, but stipulating that they build a unique business that does not operate according to a centralized formula.
Managed Objects today introduced Formula Business Experience Manager, an end-to-end user and application performance monitoring tool built on Formula(R) software, the company's Business Service Management (BSM) platform.
Specifically, the complaint alleges that: (a) Enzymotec's Chinese business was subject to material and readily identifiable compliance regulations from the Chinese government; (b) Enzymotec's baby formula business in China was jeopardized and subject to increased volatility and decreased revenues; and (c) Enzymotec's joint venture with AarhusKarlshamn AB, which marketed the popular InFat product, was crumbling and subjected the Company to liability and decreased revenues.
Formula Business Experience Manager(TM) is an end-to-end user and application performance monitoring tool, while Formula Business Data Integrator(TM) gives IT the capability to easily integrate and correlate business metrics.
Managed Objects today introduced Formula Business Data Integrator(TM), a tool that makes it simple to bring business metrics into Formula(R), the company's Business Service Management (BSM) platform.
These changes are consistent with the company's strategy to offset a significant portion of price reductions that result from its infant formula contract extensions by implementing manufacturing cost savings and product innovation initiatives, and by growing its non-infant formula business.
6 billion-per-year infant formula business has been dominated for years by the Enfamil and Similac brands.
This agreement solidifies a significant additional portion of Martek's base infant formula business and continues Martek's strong relationship with Mead Johnson, a global leader in pediatric nutrition that has been a leading innovator and proponent of the clinical importance and demonstrated benefits of DHA and ARA in infant development," said Steve Dubin, Martek CEO.
1996 was also a year of significant progress in the infant formula business.
Looking forward to 2010, the de-stocking issue should be behind us and our growing non-infant formula business coupled with an expected resumption in growth in our infant formula business should lay a solid foundation for 2010.
More importantly, sales in the Company's core infant formula business in the second quarter of 2009 should increase by more than 100% year over year.
As such, while infant formula related revenue in the second half of our fiscal 2009 will be impacted by some inventory de-stocking, Martek is still expecting strong 2009 earnings as a result of growth in our non-infant formula business and controlling our expenses during this period.
This agreement with Hochdorf represents Martek's continued success in expanding its infant formula business beyond the US market.
Martek's core infant formula business grew, especially overseas, and solid revenue increases were seen in non-infant formula markets.
The Company continues to anticipate an increase in non-infant formula nutritional revenues in the third quarter as compared to the second quarter; however, if such timing issues occur in our infant formula business, Martek's overall revenues and earnings in the third quarter of fiscal 2008 would be lower than the second quarter.