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a colorless pungent fuming vesicatory liquid acid HCOOH found naturally in ants and many plants or made catalytically from carbon monoxide and steam

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On the other hand, other acids such as acetic acid and formic acids develop only during the roasting process, but will be increasingly broken down again with longer roasting time.
Acetic acid, formic acid, quinic acid and glycolic acids are examples of acids that reach their highest concentration during the roasting process.
In turn, other compounds initially not present or present only in low quantities in green coffee are generated in the roasting process, such as quinic acid, one of the important products generated during the degrading process of chlorogenic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid as well as formic acid.
Then, in another simple, low-temperature process, we treat the oils with hydrogen peroxide and formic acid, and then add acrylic acid to get the characteristics we want.
The Standard stock solutions with 1000 mg/mL was prepared with the two analytes, then the working standard solution was obtained by diluting the standard stock solution in 2% formic acid and methanol-water (70:30, V/ V) and was stored at +4[degrees]C in amber glass bottle, which was stable for one month.