Federal Republic of Yugoslavia

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Immigration from the former Republic of Yugoslavia to Switzerland
Wasn't it dangerous throwing a bunch of Canada's finest into the ethnic cleansing that defined the crumbling Former Republic of Yugoslavia in the early 1990's?
After the break-up of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, Darko Pancev switched allegiance to Macedonia and Robert Prosinecki and Davor Suker declared for Croatia.
The Dayton accords ended four years of civil war and "ethnic cleansing" which followed Bosnia's declaration of independence from the former Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991.
It is true that Canadian troops are today engaged in Afghanistan, but it was also true that, ten years ago, they were engaged in the former republic of Yugoslavia.
Others, though, see the UN as the last hope for civilised resolution of conflicts and point to its work throughout Africa, and areas such as the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, in not only keeping desperate souls alive but giving them some hope that after conflict can come reconciliation.
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