Commonwealth of Nations

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an association of nations consisting of the United Kingdom and several former British colonies that are now sovereign states but still pay allegiance to the British Crown

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The baton relay began at Buckingham Palace in London on October 29 and has so far travelled 170,000 kilometres (105,600 miles) across all the 71 nations and territories of the former British Empire.
As I strained my mind to figure out why these three post colonials from the former British empire, Imtiaz Dharker, Wael al Sayegh, and Fadhil Azzawi, were slathering themselves in the Emperor's fair-and-lovely world with the voice of an angry subaltern slicing through C their reverie.
The gallery has also welcomed over 10,300 school children on organised trips who have enjoyed wartime stories of local people with family roots in the former British empire, interactive exhibits and free online learning.
They thought they had half the world, the former British Empire, as a captive market for any jalopy they turned out.
Gambia became independent from the former British Empire on 18 February, 1965.
Like many immigrants from the former British Empire, Oluwale feels British and is indignant at discrimination against black people in Britain.
The monument, bearing the names of 54,896 missing soldiers from Great Britain and the former British Empire with no known graves, was built in 1927 on the road out of Ypres along which hundreds of thousands of soldiers marched to the front.
The Darlington 29-year-old will box Francis Miyeyusho for the vacant former British Empire belt at the Tall Trees near Yarm.
This is the first time the Aussies have actually achieved something in a team sport recognised anywhere outside the former British Empire since the 1974 World Cup.
Those who, like Niall Ferguson, wish to uphold the former British Empire as the model for the new American imperialism need to be countered by careful, truth-telling research into the past and present effects of Western domination.
And for three days, the Woodley Park fields wore the look of the former British Empire.
With the possible exception of the former British Empire, this pattern of overseas bases establishes the United States as the largest imperial power in history.
The story of fighting it is also the story of the development of empires such as our former British Empire.