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(philosophy) a doctrine that life is a vital principle distinct from physics and chemistry

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Since it is most likely that the KDP will be the formative force in the new regional government, no significant changes are expected in relations between the Iraqi Kurdistan region and Turkey in the coming years.
Tradition as a Formative Force in Baptist Doctrine and Church Life" (1894)
On the contrary, if Stehle is right, theology, Christian theology in particular, has been the key formative force leading to the egalitarianism of our current society, secular as well as religious.
The formative force can not appear on the whole surface or shape but it moves the separate parts in every direction pugging and sticking them together.
Rightly lamenting 'that "performance" in Shakespeare criticism by and large is viewed either as performance of the plays or as performance inscribed in dramatic speech--never or rarely as a formative force, as an institutionalized power in itself, as a cultural practice in its own right' (4-5), he sets out 'to answer the question of how and to what extent performance in Shakespeare's theatre actually was a formative element, a constituent force, and together with, or even without, the text a source of material and 'imaginary puissance' (5).
The other great formative force in Donal's make-up stems from having represented Ireland in three world rowing championships.
The formative force in young Ted's life was his father, Carl Strehlow, the legendary founding father of the Lutheran mission at Hermannsburg.