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Synonyms for verifiable


Synonyms for verifiable

capable of being verified

capable of being tested (verified or falsified) by experiment or observation

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Complete low power verification with native low power simulation, X-propagation simulation, next generation low power static checking and low power formal verification
Another central use of Sugar is for formal verification tools such as RuleBase which offer mathematical proof that a given design satisfies a set of given requirements - specified in Sugar.
Quantify MDV gives engineers and project management the comprehensive metrics they need to determine exactly how far along they are in their formal verification - without the need for simulation.
Synopsys' Magellan hybrid formal verification tool was chosen based on the opinions of Synopsys' customers and the IEC panelists.
Learn about Formal Verification Unleashed[TM] - an advanced verification methodology supported by best-in-class formal verification solutions, to exhaustively verify complex designs at any stage in the design flow, from architecture-level down to first silicon - at the 45th Annual Design Automation Conference (DAC).
Prover Technology is a leading provider of formal verification solutions for Electronic Design Automation (EDA), telecom and embedded systems.
Book your appointment today to ensure a time slot for you and your team with the formal verification experts at Jasper Design Automation.
Real Intent offers tools for an intent-driven design formal verification approach that promise to revolutionize functional electronic design verification.
Chrysalis formal verification products are used today by more than 100 companies worldwide, including Advanced Micro Devices, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, LSI Logic, Sun Microsystems and Texas Instruments.
Having been involved with formal verification research and development for 25 years, I am excited about joining Jasper's TAB to participate in the ongoing development and growing proliferation of formal verification across a wide variety of horizontal industry segments," stated Moshe Vardi.
Investment in Abstract's Formal Verification Technology to Accelerate
Systematically Delivers Predictable Formal Verification Results for Complex Modules and IP
Jasper Design Automation, the leader in successful deployment of production proven formal verification solutions, today announced it has hired prominent formal verification expert, Ziyad Hanna, to serve as chief architect and vice president of research.
5, JasperGold delivers high-leverage, low-effort formal verification by deploying Jasper's unique Proof Accelerators[TM], Lossless Abstractions[TM], and patented Formal Scoreboard[TM], which provide more robust performance, increased ease-of-use and unmatched end-to-end proof capacity.
Mentor Graphics Corporation (Nasdaq:MENT) today announced that MediaTek, one of the world's largest fabless integrated circuit (IC) companies, has selected the 0-In([R]) Formal Verification technology for its functional verification methodology.
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