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a man's white shirt (with a starch front) for evening wear (usually with a tuxedo)

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Twice as many children preferred the male in a formal shirt (8%) compared with the female in the same attire (4%).
There were some little gems, such as the pink hat like a flowerpot worn only once (and that was enough) and a Yves St Lauren formal shirt that looks wonderful on, as long as your tie is wide enough to cover the stain which I got while fighting with a tin of tuna.
Police say that witness was white, in his late 20s to early 30s, about 5ft 10in, slim, with short dark receding hair, and wearing light-framed square glasses, a dark jacket over a light formal shirt, dark trousers and dark shoes.
Reporters and photographers jostled with security officers to get a comment and a closer look at Estrada, who was wearing a formal shirt and his trademark wristband.
Available exclusively at The Collective stores nationwide, you may team it with a formal shirt at work or go casual in the evening.
He daringly steam irons the French cuffs on a formal shirt while it's on his body, just before he goes down in tails to the Al Smith dinner at the Waldorf.
Formal shirt retailer TM Lewin & Sons has been bought by its management in a pounds 50 million deal.
This was matched with a white formal shirt at EUR33.
Roll up your trousers a wee bit and pair off with a formal shirt folded till the elbows.
There is even a selection of elegant cuff links designed specifically to complement the various formal shirt styles for sale in the store.
We realise there is an enormous potential for us to grow into the pounds 725 million pound UK formal shirt market, of which we only control 2.
I do like to wear suits, but maybe not with a formal shirt and tie, with a t-shirt or casual shirt instead.
Short sleeve formal shirt,type shirt columbia,pant navy canvas,black fabric pants etc.
Black bandhgala coat, trousers and waistcoat all from Kenzo; Brown lace-up shoes, JAKAAL by Samir Singh; Formal shirt, cufflinks, brown belt, Tie Rack.
For fellow bikers he has leather pants, waistcoat and a leather jacket; for non-bikers he has a formal three-quarter-length black jacket and trousers with formal shirt and boot tie.
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