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a man's white shirt (with a starch front) for evening wear (usually with a tuxedo)

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Wearing a formal shirt and undone bowtie, the 34-year-old busted out his Gangnam moves at the news conference.
ON A cloudy day when the Capital finally saw the monsoons announce their arrival with a steady drizzle, Chetan Bhagat smiled through his crowded schedule as he played hopscotch with newspapers and TV channels, changing from a light- blue formal shirt to a Starbucks tee to pacify the TRP- chasers.
overbranded designer T-shirts (makes you look sad and like a loser) backpacker sandals, open-toe sandals, flip flops and those weird coloured plastic sandals (just to emphasise a point - avoid the flip flops, blue jeans and formal shirt look - the classic Mumbaikar's dress - A.
Wearing a traditional formal shirt, Aquino arrived at parliament surrounded by family and friends and was escorted to a holding room.
This study highlighted that children rate formal attire in the form of the traditional white coat and mask (13%) and formal shirt (8%) highly, in agreement with Marino et al.
There were some little gems, such as the pink hat like a flowerpot worn only once (and that was enough) and a Yves St Lauren formal shirt that looks wonderful on, as long as your tie is wide enough to cover the stain which I got while fighting with a tin of tuna.
Police say that witness was white, in his late 20s to early 30s, about 5ft 10in, slim, with short dark receding hair, and wearing light-framed square glasses, a dark jacket over a light formal shirt, dark trousers and dark shoes.
Reporters and photographers jostled with security officers to get a comment and a closer look at Estrada, who was wearing a formal shirt and his trademark wristband.
A more formal look is displayed by Gideon's Crossing star ANDRE BRAUGHER, accenting his tuxedo with a conventional necktie, and entertainer OBBA BABATUNDE opts for contemporary style, choosing not to wear the traditional bow tie with his tuxedo and wingtip formal shirt.
In contrast, the co-op owner - with his formal shirt, neat hair and glasses - looked more like a Silicon Valley executive than the tattooed, dreadlocked figure who'd have blended better into the piles of oily cogs, and boxes bristling with handlebars and frames.
Contract notice: Uniform and toe formal shirt and his uniform blouse and a holiday.
Available exclusively at The Collective stores nationwide, you may team it with a formal shirt at work or go casual in the evening.
He daringly steam irons the French cuffs on a formal shirt while it's on his body, just before he goes down in tails to the Al Smith dinner at the Waldorf.
Turtle started its humble journey in 1993 as a formal shirt manufacturing company and today has successfully established itself as one of the leading menswear lifestyle brands of the country.
Bear in mind that, in this photo at the Centrepoint album launch, Prince William is mingling with rock stars and designers, not Songs of Praise presenters and you can see why a shapeless beige jumper over an open-necked formal shirt might seem a touch gauche.
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