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Overall, the style coming out of Milan hearkened back to the 1950s when a formal rigor ruled.
Ben Carter and his group of exquisite dancers dove into formal rigor and came out with glinting gems that need a little visceral passion to balance and complicate the cerebral elegance and restraint of his work.
With the clear voice of "straight" photography, Perez has documented his family, friends, neighborhood and country, endowing each image with a patina of mystery and formal rigor.
I fully recognize that the integration of industrial relations and microeconomics is likely to involve for economics a loss of formal rigor and intellectual beauty.
Although the Reina Sofia in Madrid held an anthological exhibition of Torres's work in 2001, this latest exhibition has made the true magnitude of his oeuvre apparent, demonstrating his art's ideological coherence and uncompromising formal rigor.
By the standards of the OuLiPo (of which Jouet has been a member since 1983), the constraints in Fins are relatively supple, and quite deliberately so; Jouet confesses in his postface that formal rigor is not the first principle of his novelistic practice as a whole, making explicit allusion to Queneau's remark, "Ce qui ne veut pas dire que, pour ma part, j'aie fait ou que j'aie l'intention de faire tous roes romans de cette facon.
Flannery portrays Alexander as an exceptionally insightful reader of the Prior Analytics whose commitment to formal rigor complements Aristotle's more intuitive approach to syllogistic.
The dancers link arms and clench fists as they do in Nijinska's version, but these gestures are integrated into the sequences and patterns that define Clark's specific approach: The formal rigor and artifice of ballet technique is the foundation on which he bases his movements, yet his distinct vocabulary depends on abandoning dance's traditional emphasis on beauty, seamlessness, and illusion.
Each of these new photos is charged with exquisite tensions, first of all between the sheer beauty of the image and its formal rigor, but also between the immediacy of the colors, textures, gazes, and gestures and the elusiveness of what is actually going on.
Interestingly, where he submits to formal rigor, whether regular meter and rhyme or the discipline of a haiku-like stanza, Flogstad achieves an admirable limpidity in his verse.
Annette Kelm's photographs are characterized by formal rigor and a sense of objectivity; the works always maintain a distance from the objects they portray, which often look isolated, even sculptural.
Conceived with formal rigor and great attention to detail, the work looked like a beautiful yet infested trap, straight out of Franz Kafka's tortured imagination, yet in sync with the present reality of Brasilia.
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