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Synonyms for education

Synonyms for education

the act, process, or art of imparting knowledge and skill

known facts, ideas, and skill that have been imparted

Synonyms for education

the profession of teaching (especially at a school or college or university)

the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior)

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the United States federal department that administers all federal programs dealing with education (including federal aid to educational institutions and students)

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Abdus Sami Khan, chief of partyUSAID SCDP, shared salient features and main pillars of the NFE Policy and explained that it recommends strong linkages with formal education , institutionalization of various processes and information based planning wherein data on out of school children and adult literacy would be collected before spending money.
He said the NCHD had expertise to assist the other countries of the region in the field of Non Formal Education, Skill Development and Teachers' Training programmes.
That though his academic credentials show that he only underwent basic formal education, his professional training and experience in sports and entrepreneurial and resource mobilisation are impressive," the committee says.
The assignment covers the whole range of formal education programs to increase language skills in the zuid-kennemerland and ijmond labor market.
We are not concerned with formal education for very young children and see that as a good thing.
2) and among women with no formal education than among those who had more than a secondary education (14.
Already 6,000 tests have been graded, Khoury said, and children who need the ALP can attend it over the next few months in time to enter the formal education system in October.
Singh was of the opinion that entrusting the yoga guru for imparting yoga and ayurveda in the formal system of education would be an utter disregard as the latter lacked even formal education.
Both NFE and formal education could play important roles in consolidation of democracy in Senegal.
Researchers at UCL looked into the rise in obesity associated with the burgeoning industrial and service sectors in low- and middle-income countries, and found that women with no formal education who were working in sedentary occupations were twice as likely to be 'centrally obese'.
As a society we place huge focus on gaining formal education, but we should be placing more focus on self-education, especially in today's economic state.
The most relevant document is the Recommendation from 30th of April 2003 which mentions the effective direction towards the acknowledgement of the equivalent status of the non-formal education with that of the formal education from the point of view of the equal contribution to the young person's personality development and his/her social integration (Manual on Human Rights Education with young people, Analyzing national politics in the field of education: Romania European Council, 2000).
Although participation of adults in formal education is also included in the survey subject, it is proposed to identify adult learners for the survey as persons who have left initial education.
In the era of the late His Majesty Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, the then Bahrain Ruler, formal education was first introduced in 1919, with the opening of boy's school Muharraq.
Sixty-eight percent of respondents with at least nine years of formal education agree all men should be circumcised, compared with 59% of those with no formal education.
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