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the basic unit of money in Hungary

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Part 5: overdraft 1 billion HUF, that is worth a billion forints.
In the third quarter, similarly to the second quarter, the downstream business remained the main contributor to MOL's results, adding 147 billion forints to EBITDA alone on high refining margins.
This measure alone will put at least 43 billion forints into government coffers, as the state will assume 612 billion forints worth of debt, much of it denominated in foreign currency, from municipalities.
The European Commission examined several forms of state financing handed over to the airline, which added up to $257 million worth of Hungarian forints as well as 76 million euros.
The firm will remain under state control for up to two years while there still is an emergency on the ground and during relief efforts, which would cost tens of billions of forints or tens of millions of dollars, he added.
The officials say that the tax will be less than existing fees in the rest of Europe and estimate that it will add some 12 forints (U.
88 PSF, but the national economic restructuring plan resulted in a 36 percent drop in the value of the Hungarian Forint against the German Deutsche Mark, the currency to which rental rates in prime buildings are generally linked, causing sharp rent increases (for those converting Forints to DM).
HTCC has included certain non-GAAP financial measures in Hungarian forints and euros, including Pro-forma Adjusted EBITDA, in this press release.
The company's so called clean Ebitda, or core earnings, rose 19 per cent in annual terms to 146 billion forints, partly due a strong performance of its downstream business.
Banking association head, Mihaly Patai, however rejected the idea of converting 12 billion to 15 billion Swiss francs into forints from one day to the other.
Complicating that further is high unemployment, weak bank lending and 5 trillion forints in mostly Swiss franc denominated foreign currency mortgages which have seen repayments soar due to the franc's strength and forint's slide.
Fidesz proposed a 180-forint exchange rate for the conversion of Swiss franc loans and 250 forints on euro loans.
60-$13 for the institutional tranche, while the retail tranche, which is controlled by different rules under Hungarian law, carries only a maximum price of 3,250 forints ($13.
Consumers can download monophonic ring tones and black & white picture images for 300 Forints each (approximately $1.