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Synonyms for forum

Synonyms for forum

a public meeting or assembly for open discussion

a public facility to meet for open discussion

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This may be taken as implicitly supporting the view that a proprietary remedy for knowing receipt is a remedial issue to be governed by the lex fori.
feasible to undertake a strict lex fori approach, (166) the new
5) The lex fori doctrine found adherents among arbitral tribunals even into the 1990s.
Mornac, Observationes in quattuor priores libros Codicis, usure fori Gallici (Paris, 1654), Cod.
the home country (lex fori concursus) is the only applicable one,
Among the list of 10 best bites near sightseeing spots are Chez Sophea, Angkor Wat; Number Twelve, The British Museum; La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, The Colesseum; Less Cocottes, The Eiffel Tower; and Moghul Room, The Great Pyramids.
The ecclesiastical authority, though, retains the residual power of intervention in temporal affairs regarding the so-called res mixtae or res mixti fori, such as marriage, which between two baptized individuals is a sacrament (hence falling within the spiritual domain of the pope) but is also a civil contract of great relevance to society (hence falling within the temporal domain of the sovereign).
Other revellers start at the Bancarelle Christmas market in Piazza Navona before moving on to the Fori Imperiali for open-air concerts and fireworks, or to the Piazza del Quirinale for a traditional concert.
From the national perspective, the conflicts between the national and international law will be solved according to lex fori.
arbitrators generally have no lex fori, are not bound by a national
475, 479-97 (2000) (arguing for the elimination of the most significant contacts rule, in favor of alex fori presumption, for making and updated section 6 a central point of the choice of law mechanics of the new Restatement, and for the adoption as opposed to the choice of better law).
Eni ba fori wori Ete a maa kangun si won Eni ba safarawe Abuku nii kan gbeyin (Ewi Atata p.
After all this sightseeing, you might feel a bit like a Roman ruin yourself, so pop across the Via dei Fori Imperiali where there's an exhibition centre with a shady patio serving beer and coffee.
Logically it does not imply a reference to the lex fori.