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shaping metal by heating and hammering

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Forged components are used in many applications other than orthopedics--everything from hammers to garden rakes and high-precision components found in airplanes and rockets (more than 18,000 forgings are contained in a single Boeing 747).
They also worked on a new tool design for cross groove inner race for a constant velocity joint, the flashless forging of an aluminum connecting rod, design of cold forgings and forming sequences, die wear in warm forging extrusion, and examples of DEFORM-3D simulations of a connecting rod, blade coining, and wire drawing of shapes.
Metal Stampings, Metal Forgings (Iron & Steel Forgings, & Non-Ferrous Forgings)
To produce these products, equipment such as a five-ton free forging hammer, a three-ton forging hammer, and a 1600ton/4000ton/8000 ton pressure machineare used to help clients achieve their ideal forging solution.
Marketing manager Richard Lee said: "We are currently forging components between 10mm and 100mm diameter.
The company also manufactures a variety of drop forgings for the engineering industries.
Temperature selection was verified by the numeric simulation of closed die warm forging process using the finite element method.
Beginning with pipeline saddles, Steel Forgings expanded both capacity and capability to include tees, reducers, caps, elbows, and conicals in its Fleet-Linea products.
Shapes, sizes and metallurgical integrity of steel drop forgings have improved enormously.
Alcoa said the 7093 alloy is a "particularly good choice for forgings or extrusions where significant short transverse stresses are encountered and a high degree or resistance to stress corrosion cracking is required.
In the first case-hot forgings that are coined-the main deformation is at forging temperature, and the coining is limited to sizing only selected areas.
A $100 million dollar investment that Alcoa announced in 2009, the new press strengthens Alcoa's position as the preeminent supplier of large aluminum, titanium, nickel and steel forgings to the aerospace, defense, energy and industrial markets.
LONDON, April 13, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Metal Stampings, Forgings, and Castings in US$ Million by the following Product Segments: Metal Stampings, Metal Forgings (Iron & Steel Forgings, & Non-Ferrous Forgings), Ferro-Alloy Castings (Gray Iron Castings, Ductile Iron Castings, Malleable Iron Castings, Carbon Steel Castings, High Alloy Steel Castings, & Other Alloy Steel Castings), and Non-Ferrous Metal Castings (Aluminum Castings, Copper Castings, Lead Castings, Magnesium Castings, Zinc Castings, & Other Non-Ferrous Metal Castings).
Aircraft manufacturer Boeing (NYSE:BA) announced yesterday that it had signed a new five-year contract extension with titanium producer Russian Technologies VSMPO AVISMA Corporation for titanium forgings.
On the basis of mentioned results it is possible to apply the technology of warm forging to small and medium drop forgings with simple and not rugged shapes.