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shaping metal by heating and hammering

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There they sat peering from beneath their shaggy brows at the figures of the two men forging steadily ahead, until the latter disappeared in the leafy trail beyond the clearing.
We were out of the Trades, and the Ghost was forging ahead barely a knot an hour.
But where is the use of going on," I asked, "when you are probably preparing some iron blow of contradiction, or forging a fresh chain to fetter your heart?
It was maddening to know that she had absolutely no knowledge of the direction she was traveling--that she might be forging steadily further from the railway, deeper into the gloomy and forbidding country toward the Pangani; yet it was impossible to stop-she must go on.
Another mile and a shifting wind brought to his keen nostrils a familiar, pungent odor close at hand, and a moment later there loomed beneath him a huge, gray-black bulk forging steadily along the jungle trail.
Among the mighty store of wonderful chains that are for ever forging, day and night, in the vast iron-works of time and circumstance, there was one chain forged in the moment of that small conclusion, riveted to the foundations of heaven and earth, and gifted with invincible force to hold and drag.
What answer had your lecturer in Moscow to make to the question why he was forging notes?
Sifco, a supplier to the aerospace and energy sectors, said it would integrate the acquired business based in Colorado into its existing aluminum forging segment under a newly set-up unit General Aluminum Forgings LLC, operating under the trade name General Aluminum Forge (GAF).
The agency has taken into account the business and financial risk profiles of KFL, Kems Auto Components Ltd (KACL) and Southern Steels and Forgings (SSF), together known as the Kems group, while assigning its rating to the company.
Gross shape forgings require the most machining and hand processing post-forging.
Material-Technological Modelling of Controlled Cooling of Closed die Forgings from Finish Forging Temperature.
The development of a CAD' model of forging die and conversion of sharp corners / edges in the cavity to fillets, of possibly optimum sized radii, were done through suitable Designing and Simulation' tools.
Sifco Industries is engaged in the production of forgings and machined components primarily for the aerospace and energy markets.
USPRwire, Tue Nov 11 2014] Forging is a process in which metals are shaped into desired designs by applying compressive forces.
The Michigan Manufacturing International metal forging partner is the largest Asian manufacturer of MW-grade wind power shaft products.