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the work of cutting down trees for timber

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Preference will be given to applications that will contribute the greatest benefit to regional communities that are connected with WA's forestry industry.
But this isn't something everybody knows, according to Caron, and he thinks this is where a lot of opposition to the forestry industry comes from.
In the forestry industry capacity utilisation rate was 85%, and had risen by 13 percentage points from one year back.
A report on the state of the global forestry industry recently issued by PricewaterhouseCoopers says that Canada's forest, paper and packaging sector was the world's worst performer in 2008, accounting for roughly half the combined S8-billion (US) in record losses posted globally by the top 100 firms in the sector.
Despite the long-standing us-and-them hostilities embroiling Tasmania's forestry, elsewhere the line traditionally separating the wishes and wants of the environmental movement and forestry industry is beginning to blur.
Long serving members of the forestry industry have been rewarded for their dedication and hard work.
Log a Load is a fund raising opportunity for loggers and other forestry industry personnel in association with forestry organizations and associations to raise money for local CMN Hospitals.
South Africa's forestry industry developed because the country has little in the way of natural indigenous timber reserves--just 1,158 square miles total.
The Global Mining Initiative is one such approach, but there are many others addressing sustainability in different sectors--the chemical industry, the forestry industry, fisheries, agriculture, health, mining and energy.
Genfor has also established research agreements with Chilean forestry industry giants Arauco and Mininco, the companies that provide Genfor with their top specimens.
He attributes Fraser's rise in popularity to the groundwork of both the "Greenies" protests and the now-departed forestry industry.
While its forestry industry is characterized by predominantly small to medium sized operators, there are also a few large scale enterprises such as the Korean owned Barama Co.
The Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry has drafted legislation that would shift the emphasis in Japan's forestry policy to environmental and land conservation from the promotion of the forestry industry, ministry sources said Sunday.
After Putin's election in March, the World Bank offered a $60 million dollar loan to Russia's forestry industry to help improve the investment climate for logging in Russia.
They said Canada's limp environmental rules and its coziness with the forestry industry not only damage wildlife and Native ways of life, but also amount to an unfair subsidy for cheap Canadian timber exports that are flooding the United States.
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