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the science of planting and caring for forests and the management of growing timber

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This is about providing an admittedly small measure of assistance to forest industry workers, and will target assistance at those who have been ineligible under previous industry exit and employee assistance programs.
The Forest Products division will encompass all forest industry operations and all forest land currently owned by SCA.
In order to estimate the economic impacts of forest management under multiple certification programs, Forisk modeled operations and economic implications to forest owners and estimated the potential impact to forest industry jobs and local tax revenues.
17) For reasons previously unexplored, the forest industry contains an unusually longstanding example of sustainability certifications.
Total forest industry employment during 2010 was about 6,840 workers (including the self-employed), down by about 3 percent from the revised 2009 estimate of 7,060 workers.
A view commonly expressed by government is that the forest industry is unwilling to change and adapt to a changing world.
That's to say, the forest industry is important in three main sectors--saw-milling, pulp and paper, and energy.
The global forest industry is rapidly changing and it is incumbent on all stakeholders to look for environmentally sustainable ways to best use our wood-based resources in the future," says task force executive director Thor Olesen.
Jaakko Poyry Group, Vantaa, Uusimaa, Finland said part of its forest industry business group, JP Engineering Ltd.
The forest industry, also incidentally, provides taxes to support schools and essential public services.
The confederation's fundamental objectives are to be the single voice successfully promoting the UK forest industry and to substantially grow the market for forest products.
It presents a historical analysis of the development of a business and society relationship between the Finnish forest industry and Finnish society.
In the course of Finnish history, the forest industry is the one single industry on which the development and prosperity of Finnish society has relied the most.
As well, Alvar Aalto's 1956 church of Vuoksenniska, hard by the Russian border, lies at the eastern end of Punkaharju in the virtual shadow of a wood pulp mill, indicative of the often necessary connection in Finland between architectural accomplishment, the forest and the attendant forest industry.
The new role would put the forest industry into a proactive leadership position in meeting the needs of society - not just producing products for consumers, which we already do well but the total needs.
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