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a raging and rapidly spreading conflagration

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Director General, Environment, Capital Development Authority (CDA), Dr Shaikh Salman said here that the Authority keeping in view fire incidents in the past, has deployed fire fighters for prevention and control of forest fire.
BEIRUT: The Association of Forests and Conservation and the Agriculture and Environment ministries rolled out a new awareness campaign Tuesday to prevent forest fires this summer, but civil society activists say that it's not enough.
Forest fires elsewhere in the state have either been largely contained or are subject to winds that are blowing smoke away from populated areas, while the Deception Creek fires flared up in recent days due to winds and hot weather.
Last year, a total of 59 forest fires were recorded in the Paphos districts, burning 71 hectares of land while in 2012, 32 fires destroyed just over 266 hectares of land, the forestry department said.
5 million hectares of our forests are located in sensitive areas in terms of forest fires.
Fifty-five forest fires erupted in the province from July 1 to Aug.
The goal of the concept car's design is to solve many of the problems encountered when fighting large-scale forest fires, which occur frequently around the world.
TRABZON, Sep 28, 2010 (TUR) -- Fields damaged by forest fires in Turkey in the first nine months of 2010 have diminished compared to the same period of last year.
Modelling, monitoring and management of forest fires II; proceedings
Summary: Tetouan - A total of 47 forest fires that have broken out Northern Morocco up to July 20th, 2010 destroyed 20 hectares of land, regional Department of Water, Forests and Anti-desertification in Tetouan said.
Earlier in the week, China's National Forest Fire Prevention Headquarters issued a red alert which is the highest possible warning for forest fires.
Economic losses inflicted by these forest fires are estimated at over $8 million.
Further, aswater access is limited during forest fires, it is equipped with our revolutionary CAFS (compressed air foam system), which allows for high fire fighting performance with the use of less water.
Barhani (Uttarakhand), May 22 (ANI): The Principal Conservator of Forests in Uttarakhand has directed his department to organise a series of puppet shows to be staged by range forest officers at various villages to spread mass awareness on the need to save jungles and prevent forest fires.
October is National Fire Prevention Month, but state firefighters responsible for spotting and fighting forest fires across the commonwealth may be cut this month, leaving two district fire wardens in Central Massachusetts responsible for thousands of acres of forests in 65 towns.
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