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a raging and rapidly spreading conflagration

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People's recreation activities and their work cause many forest fires in the region each year.
There are still some isolated forest fires in Indonesia's central and western Sumatra as well as Borneo near Brunei and those could flare up, Wong said.
The tragedy at Storm King Mountain, where 14 firefighters lost their lives in a quick moving forest fire, is just one example where the denser and drier forests have proved destructive to both lives and property.
Contract notice: forest fire prevention service consisting of the maintenance of the perimeter fringes and the green areas of the urbanizations
Apo during the Holy Week, were evacuated as Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) personnel from here, Makilala and Magpet have been trying to battle the forest fire.
The aim is to prevent forest fires, to help catch anyone who might want to set a fire and to generally help in protecting the environment, he added.
For KE-cE-k, the reason for the spread of the recent forest fires in Bodrum, Manisa and yzmir was not neglect or incompetency on the part of the Ministry of Forestry and Waterworks but rather a strong wind, which is always a major factor in forest fires.
The Ehden Reserve staff warned visitors and nature lovers about the possibility of forest fires, and asked them to refrain from both smoking nargileh outdoors and disposing of glass in the wild.
Coupled with insufficient rainfall, the risk of forest fires has increased, Xinhua quoted the headquarters as saying.
Every year, forest fires take place in Uttarakhand, turning hundreds of hectares of green forestland into ashes.
Up to 31 July, more than 64,500ahectares were burnt by forest fires in the EU.
I think of forest fires as nightclubs for these bugs," Schiff says.
The southern and central parts of the range are a great place to experiment with prescribed fire, because predictable westerly winds from the Pacific will eventually lead most forest fires to solid, fireproof granite - your ultimate firebreak, with few towns or ranches in harm's way.
RELM Wireless Corporation (NASDAQ: RELM) a manufacturer, developer and distributor of wireless land mobile radio (LMR) products, is experiencing significant new sales to federal forest services as a result of the vast number of forest fires throughout the nation, particularly in the Western United States.
Contract notice: service consisting in the development of the publicity campaign of prevention, awareness and social awareness against forest fires
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