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Synonyms for foreskin

a fold of skin covering the tip of the clitoris

a fold of skin covering the tip of the penis

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The breakthrough was made by a team of researchers from Columbia University in New York and Durham University in Britain when they used 3D culture conditions rather than 2D cultures to restore the hair-inducing properties of human dermal papilla cells when inserted into human foreskin.
The authors said neonatal foreskin was selected because it is non-hair bearing tissue, which would challenge the human dermal papillae that control hair follicle growth "not just to contribute to hair follicles within the skin, but rather, to fully reprogram the recipient epidermis to a follicular fate.
We investigated a cohort of mainly Xhosa men to determine the proportion who had undergone TC, the extent of foreskin removal, and attitudes towards MC as an HIV prevention tool, for themselves and their sons.
In cases of small carcinomas exclusively located in the glans with no foreskin involvement, one may choose to remove the foreskin, leaving a 3-mm redundant edge around the sulcus.
In a few boys the foreskin doesn't loosen as much as it should and stays tight.
In line with the martial code of the Moghul Empire, a warrior reportedly rose in rank according to the number of foreskins he brought in from the field.
no punishment had proved effective, by simply cutting off the anterior part of the foreskin with jagged scissors.
A differentiation is made between the conventional medical amputation of the foreskin, from that which is solely ritual, religious-based.
New York, September 14 ( ANI ): A whole new range of cutting-edge technology that uses leftover foreskin, parts of sheep, pigs, and special kinds of metal to create parts of the body promises to help wounded soldiers live normal lives again.
For the same reason, in cultures that remove the foreskin, penises that have foreskins may be considered to be unsightly.
In order to persuade healthy men to submit to having their foreskins cut off (o parents to make the decision on behalf of their children) surgeons needed to convince them that circumcision was a minor procedure, neither dangerous nor unduly painful.
Opening quietly with "Freddie, we hear your milkshake brings the crowd to the yard," Wayne next demanded to know whether his quarry was "a member of Foreskins Anonymous".
Pete, who claims he uses babies' foreskins to plump up his lips, told Muzik magazine: "When I'm called a freak by the 3am Girls I think it's highly complimentary, especially when I look at them.
ALTHOUGH any man can carry thrush, all uncircumcised men should clean under foreskins as part of their daily routine.
In it the men had no foreskins covering the end of their penises.