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an attestation that the client's financial statement is accurate

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He said Dr Qadri was facing money laundering charges in Canada and Pakistan, and the forensic audit of funds would also help him clear his position in that regard.
A FORENSIC audit into the books of government- owned Oriental Bank of Commerce and Dena Bank has been ordered after the government unearthed a scam in which ` 436 crore was siphoned off from fixed deposits ( FDs) of customers in branches of these banks in Mumbai.
So since 13th February I have called for an independent forensic audit.
Nigeria's Finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala and a Senate committee investigating the graft allegations have both called for a forensic audit of NNPC since Sanusi presented evidence.
They said: "We are concerned by the damage this story is having on the company's reputation", adding G4S's refusal to co-operate on a forensic audit is "straining its relationship with the UK Government, its single largest customer (about 10% of group sales)".
We will go in for a forensic audit as we want to see how much money has poured in to GMR coffers through the Male International Airport and how much actual money has been spent here.
New CEO Charles Anderson publicly announced the results of a forensic audit, airing a basketful of dirty laundry involving prior leaders.
The Forensic Audit Panel estimated "tens of millions" of pounds of taxpayers' money had been wasted but blamed "ineptitude" at the London Development Agency rather than corruption.
The extraordinary development was prompted by Speed's unhappiness at the board's failure to take any significant action against Zimbabwe Cricket after an independent forensic audit raised questions about its finances.
SANTA CLARITA -- The Hart school board, plagued with cost overruns in the last year that nearly cost them some construction projects, declined a more detailed forensic audit Monday night.
Kessler International was called in July for a forensic audit.
A bank spokesman said: "We had a full forensic audit of the cash centre and it was independently audited by an outside body.
After a thorough forensic audit, the people who looted so many millions of pounds of public money should be consigned to jail where they belong - but not to Kilmarnock, with its satellite TV and softly, softly guards.
Former auditors were able to produce fraudulent results in line with market expectations at Enron because shareholders did not order an unannounced independent forensic audit of their preparation.
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