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of, relating to, or used in public debate or argument

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used or applied in the investigation and establishment of facts or evidence in a court of law

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The CVR recommended creating an office to search for disappeared persons and developing a national forensic anthropology plan for exhumations, but this has not been done.
Mr Brough and his wife Linda have two grown-up daughters - Alison, 24, who is completing a PhD in forensic anthropology at Leicester University and Laura, 26 who lives in Australia.
In a terse but telling mirror of witness testimony, members of the multidisciplinary teams of the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation report on exhumations, detailing the conditions of bones and crania indicating violent death.
It has been sent to Dundee University's forensic anthropology department for further examination.
The two sides will implement specific cooperation programmes in industry, agriculture, science and technology, energy, telecommunications, oil and gas, culture and forensic anthropology, they said.
The excavation at Old Monkland Cemetery in Coatbridge is being led by Professor Sue Black and a team from the forensic anthropology department at Dundee University.
But his victims were identified using forensic anthropology to superimpose a photograph over ay of a victim's skull and forensic logy to identify the age of maggots and t the approximate date of death.
In addition, the Centre would serve as a training and education centre allowing for long-term training in forensic anthropology, archeology, pathology, DNA identity testing, scene of crime management, use of ICMP's Forensic Science Database Management System, fDMS, as well as a centre for educating the families of the missing regarding their rights and the missing persons process, including the forensic process.
He argues that South Africa is a suitable and an important, and a neglected, place to conduct research into forensic anthropology, starting with an African database that would build up a picture of health and disease in early humans.
With the help of professional and volunteer genealogists across Canada and some forensic anthropology, the unknown soldier's only living relative who still carried the mitochondrial DNA necessary for a positive identification was found in Don Gregory of Ottawa.
29 In which BBC2 factual series do Professor Sue Black and her forensic anthropology team investigate?
The careers they're interested in run the gamut: forensic anthropology, veterinary medicine and mechanical engineering to design cars, to name a few.
After months of investigations the skull was submitted to Dr Caroline Wilkinson, of the University of Dundee, a specialist in forensic anthropology, to create an image of how the woman would have looked.
The FBI's Laboratory Division is pleased to announce a new service: forensic anthropology, the analysis of human skeletal remains in a medico-legal context.
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