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the name that precedes the surname

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According to article 85 of the new Civil Code, "Romanian citizens may obtain, under the law, the administrative change of surname and forenames or only one of them".
The online bingo site also revealed that the luckiest forenames in 2009 were Julie and David closely followed by Susan and Paul, reports The Daily Star.
28 What are the forenames of Bremner, Bird and Fortune?
Which novelist had the forenames John Ronald Reuel?
He never used his forenames, Ernest Sackville, once rebuking a newspaper editor, who had the ill-judgement to include Ernest in his by-line, with: "The first-naming of all and sundry is the curse of the age".
Surname - Forenames - Initials - Place and country of birth - Place of enlistment - Place of residence - Rank - Army number - Regiment/Corps etc - Battalion etc - Date of death - How he died - Theatre of war - Supplementary notes, which include information such as former army numbers and regiments
I therefore paired up popular US forenames and family names (irrespective of whether such a person exists) to make 11-letter names, to obtain a total of over two million "words".
For those firms that passed through the hands of succeeding generations, often a bewildering gallimaufry of brothers and cousins, many of whom, especially in France, shared the same forenames, there are family trees that make it far easier to establish who was who.
The survey, released today, used online birth records to compare the popularity of forenames over the last 100 years.
Past oval ball heroes, most of which had Gareth among their forenames, were wheeled out, literally in some cases, to pour scorn and derision on the England team and Max "I was there" Boyce even threatened to commence touring again should England prevail.
When mam was born the three forenames they gave her were Charlotte Victoria Elizabeth.
There will be plenty of entertainment for all the family on and off the course, and we look forward to welcoming anyone with the forenames William, Catherine or Kate for free.
Stephen has been able to recall all the names but has only provided initials for the forenames.
In addition, figures released in 2007 by National Statistics for England and Wales highlighted sci-fi series Doctor Who as a possible influence on the forenames given to children.
Uma and Arpad must have the neatest forenames of any celebrity couple we know.