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the government department in charge of foreign relations

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I was, as Watson may have told you, in the Foreign Office, and through the influences of my uncle, Lord Holdhurst, I rose rapidly to a responsible position.
A document of immense value has been stolen from the Foreign Office.
We have reason to believe that you have taken a paper of importance fro the Foreign Office, and that you ran in here to dispose of it.
The number of the cab which dropped a fare at or about the door of the Foreign Office in Charles Street at quarter to ten in the evening of May 23d.
If the treaty had reached, let us say, the French or Russian Foreign Office, you would expect to hear of it?
I had already begun to suspect Joseph, from the fact that you had intended to travel home with him that night, and that therefore it was a likely enough thing that he should call for you, knowing the Foreign Office well, upon his way.
He was in the Foreign Office once, and every one was predicting for him a brilliant career.
Hence his later connection with the Foreign Office, which had, indeed, come to him as a sort of legacy from his lordship when that great man was the power behind the throne.
We have all the information about it at the Foreign Office.
Four of the MPs named, including Foreign Office minister Gillian Merron, last night defended the claims, insisting claiming for tax advice was allowed by the Green Book, which sets out the expense rules.
We feel that we need to be a foreign office for the whole of the UK," he said.
But that is exactly the embarrassing and unacceptable situation the Foreign Office have created for Her Majesty.
Speaking on the occasion the Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq appreciated the efforts of the spouses of Foreign Office officials for their hard work to generate funds to help the children of low paid employees of the Foreign office to cater their needs of education and health.
Foreign Office Spokesperson Qazi Khalil Ullah said Saturday 22 Pakistanis were injured during the incident and they were being provided medical treatment in three hospitals in Saudi Arabia while 25 pilgrims sustained minor injuries.
All over the world most of the countries foreign office can be contacted through their websites which indicates the email address of the different departments with in the ministry and many other departments can also be contacted through their email addresses.
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