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the charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another

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Global Banking News-March 25, 2014--Bank of Canada planning changes to foreign exchange rates
Volatility in foreign exchange rates affects corporate sentiment,'' Mizoguchi told reporters.
I am personally concerned and surprised about the central bank's growing usage of foreign exchange rate as one of the monetary targets since it is costly and risky and we might be under the control of the market instead of being in control of our own rate.
The conditions for unifying the foreign exchange rate should be met in the country's economy so that this plan can be implemented," Tayeb-nia said.
For our clients, having access to up-to-date information on foreign exchange rates is an important factor in managing their wealth effectively, yet few people have the time to watch currency rates as closely as they would like to," said Shaun Phillips, managing director, Barclays Wealth International.
The remaining 18 percent increase was due to higher sales volumes, favorable pricing impact, favorable foreign exchange rates and improved operating efficiencies.
Demand from healthcare and manufacturers helped business, and so did favorable foreign exchange rates, the company said.
Japanese economic and fiscal policy minister Kaoru Yosano said Tuesday that sharp fluctuation in foreign exchange rates is undesirable.
David Glassco, FinancialCAD's chairman and CEO, says that with release 6, users can "get daily and historical interest rate curves, foreign exchange rates and other market data and link it to Excel at the click of a mouse.
The most popular items on the web site will be available, including statistical reports on foreign exchange rates, selected interest rates, consumer credit, and industrial production and capacity utilization.
Such factors include the potential inability of the parties to negotiate and complete definitive transaction documents, secure required approvals or consents or otherwise to complete the pending acquisitions in a timely manner, increasing price and product competition by foreign and domestic competitors, fluctuations in cost and availability of raw materials and energy, the ability to maintain favorable supplier relationships and arrangements, economic and political conditions in international markets, foreign exchange rates and fluctuations in such rates, and the unpredictability of existing and possible future litigation, including litigation that could result if the asbestos settlement discussed in PPG's filings with the SEC does not become effective.
Foreign exchange rates are of course influenced not only by interest rates but by other factors.
TISK defined that development as a behavior aiming to dominate the foreign exchange rates, the reason of which was inflation figure's sensitivity to foreign exchange rate and high current (accounts) deficit.
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