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any state of which one is not a citizen

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520 million to foreign country till from 2011 to date and all record of this present in FBR.
ABU DHABI - Emirati authorities have arrested an Asian resident suspected of spying for a foreign country by providing sensitive military information deemed threatening to the UAE, state news agency WAM reported Tuesday.
an Asian, accused of collecting the UAE military and political secrets in favour of a foreign country.
The defendant is normally resident in that foreign country or conducts his business mainly from the foreign country at the time the case was filed before the foreign courts; or,
According to Al-Hindi, spending Ramadan in a foreign country is a difficult experience.
This arises when applicants have close relatives in a foreign country with whom they frequently communicate with, send money to, or visit.
It was appealed to the Seventh Circuit, which affirmed the Tax Court's decision that Antarctica is not a foreign country and income earned there by U.
John, a teacher from New Jersey, was arrested in Miami after making arrangements with an undercover agent to pay for sex with two 12-year-old girls in a foreign country.
Foreign earned income is received from sources within a foreign country attributable to services performed during a period of bona fide residency or physical presence.
The Institute also endorsed the proposed regulations' reducing the certification period from 15 to 7 years when an election is made that no portion of the DCL has been, or will be, used to offset the income of any other person under the income tax laws of a foreign country.
Music offers students a unique and exciting opportunity both to explore the language and culture of a foreign country and to cultivate their listening skills.
If a director decided to go to a foreign country for creative purposes, we don't have a problem with that.
government and a foreign country for a specific category of items for which foreign military sales customers will have a recurring need.
Coverage would also be afforded, however, if the products were made in a foreign country, shipped back to the United States and sold by the named insured within the policy territory.
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