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the legal proceedings initiated by a creditor to repossess the collateral for loan that is in default

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June 2: Lawrence Braggs files a lawsuit in Pulaski County Circuit Court asking for an emergency injunction to stop the foreclosure sale.
Under Tennessee law when a foreclosure sale of property secured by a deed of trust fails to satisfy the indebtedness, the creditor may recover a deficiency judgment.
The alternative amount is the amount, if any, as determined by a court or trustee with jurisdiction over the foreclosure that accrues to the transferor out of the amount realized from the foreclosure sale.
While the homeowner's application was pending, the lender published a notice of foreclosure sale.
The foreclosure sale has been rescheduled for June 26, should Belle fail to refinance.
Subsequent to the foreclosure sale, BFP filed for federal bankruptcy protection and moved to set aside the foreclosure sale on the claim that the sales price constituted a fraudulent transfer under the federal bankruptcy code.
Centennial claims the fair market value of the property at the date of foreclosure sale was $14.
7 million foreclosure sale in September 2009 and bought the rest for $1.
Eastern Consolidated has been retained by the holder of the defaulted note and mortgage on 132 & 134 West 109th Skeet to procure buyers for its foreclosure bid if it is the successful bidder at the foreclosure sale.
The court adopted the task force's proposed Motion to Cancel and Reschedule Foreclosure Sale as new form 1.
Global Banking News-5 March 2009-Bank of America to extend foreclosure sale moratorium for borrowers(C)2009 ENPublishing - http://www.
Real Data reports completed foreclosures, which are recorded with county registers of deeds after foreclosure sale documents have been signed.
At the foreclosure sale, the lender made the sole bid--$571,000.
In the event of foreclosure on the underlying property in the partnership resulting in debt relief, presumably the foreclosure sale proceeds would be first applied to offset the nonrecourse indebtedness and lastly against the recourse indebtedness.
Company Initiated or Completed Three Modifications for Every One Foreclosure Sale on Owner-Occupied Properties