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the front limb (or the homologous structure in other animals, such as a flipper or wing)

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The liniment of Terpentine massaged on hind and fore leg daily for four days.
Posting on Twitter, the breeder and part-owner said: "Absolutely gutted to announce that Brown Panther injured his near fore leg and is out of the Ascot Gold Cup.
Part-owner and ex-footballer Michael Owen posted on Twitter: "Absolutely gutted to announce that Brown Panther injured his near fore leg this morning and is out of the Ascot Gold Cup on Thursday.
White said of his charge: "He was ready to run last season when he sustained a stress fracture of a fore leg and had to have several months of box rest.
The classification of the lean meat in first and second quality cuts was performed according to the traditionally Italian butchers' customs: hind leg, neck, briskets and bacon were classified as second quality cuts, steaks, loin, fore leg and tenderloin were classified as first quality cuts.
Legs mainly with black or brown setulae and black setae, only fore leg additionally with pale yellow setulae.
When Frankie arrived at Vets Now he had facial injuries, a fractured jaw and a fracture of his left fore leg.
Trochanter of fore leg with single small black spine before distal end.
Rewilding, Godolphin's top older horse this year, was humanely put down after breaking his near fore leg," said Godolphin in a statement on its website.
Comments: The male paratype from Formosa lacks the left antennae, the right pedicellus, basiflagellomere and distiflagellomere, and the left fore leg; the male paratype from Corrientes lacks the left distiflagellomere, the right basiflagellomere and distiflagellomere, the tibia and tarsus of right fore leg, and the tarsi of the left fore leg and the posterior legs.
But after a swelling on his near fore leg following a work-out earlier this week, his position at the head of the market has been under threat from the Andre Fabre-trained Prix Greffulhe winner Pour Moi.
With blades, the blows run first from the wool-free area inside the sheep's right hind leg to the wool-free area just beside the sheep's right fore leg.
fore leg movements abdomen movements Encounter lateral rotation lifting bending oscillation 1 X 2 X X X 3 X 4 X X X X 5 X 12 X X X X
the product is a blend of minced sheep fore leg, back leg and brain.