Ford Madox Ford

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English writer and editor (1873-1939)

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Saunders has taken two hundred and fifty pages over the narration of the first quarter-century of the life of Ford Hermann Hueffer, another two hundred and forty to cover the seven years to 1916, so that we end, just, with Ford Madox Hueffer.
Among the writers of articles are Ford Madox Hueffer, Sidney C.
original name Ford Madox Hueffer, 1873 - 1939) English novelist and editor.
Ford Madox Hueffer argues that "if the literary style of France is overwhelming over the style, the construction of the sentences, the cadence, the paragraph or the building up of the effects, the profound, the sole, the all-embracing influence on the point of view is that of this country .
And the volume ends with two sorry skirmishes over Conrad's reputation after his death between, first, Jessie Conrad and Ford Madox Hueffer, and then Jessie Conrad and Edward Garnett.