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United States manufacturer of automobiles who pioneered mass production (1863-1947)


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This historical account of the 1975 seizure of the SS Mayaguez by the Khmer Rouge provides details on the capture in international waters as well as an insider's look into the security sessions with Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger and Donald Rumsfeld.
The book takes the reader on a journey that includes sitting in on executive National Security Counsel sessions with President Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Donald Rumsfeld and others as they ponder the fate of the ship and her crew.
Front: Ryan Aston (captain), Brendan Ford, Henry Toro, Aaron Cooke, Timothy Johnston and Ryan Isherwood.
Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Calista Flockhart, Harrison Ford, Henry Winkler, Ed Norton and Dustin Hoffman all came to see us, too.
Ford, Henry Kissinger sostuvo que la "introduccion del poderio nuclear beneficiara la economia de Iran".