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Synonyms for payroll

a list of employees and their salaries

the total amount of money paid in wages

the department that determines the amounts of wage or salary due to each employee

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Depending on the type of life insurance purchased, a policy can also be a forced savings vehicle.
First, many of these studies actually estimate forced savings rather than monetary overhang.
government extracted 10 percent of their wages from each check and Wells Fargo banked the garnished wages for transfer to Mexican banks, yet few braceros ever received the forced savings.
The Braceros were required to deposit part of their wages in forced savings accounts back in Mexico to insure their departure when their labor contracts were terminated.
If capital markets were complete and perfect, the very idea of forced savings would be inconceivable, because those who prefer to save less always could borrow on the security of their future claims on personal "forced" savings.
Instead the proposals are all variations on forced savings plans; some rely more on private savings than others.
The result is that most of the world is beginning to make a shift towards a defined contribution, forced savings regime.
Every insurance agent will tell you that your best choice is to buy whole life or universal life for the forced savings and the cash value.
And the debit card product can be looked at as a form of forced savings.
The lump-sum payments serve as a forced savings plan that often helps poor families acquire capital that will change their station.
The main analytical result we obtain is that the paternalistic utilitarian solution does not necessarily imply forced savings for the myopics.
Another feature of Fingleton's thesis is the comparison of the forced savings - or "suppressed consumption" - domestically in China, and the all too eager and gross consumption of the U.