displaced person

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a person forced to flee from home or country

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The persistent lack of political stability and security in Iraq not only complicates the repatriation of Iraqi citizens but also limits academics' and practitioners' ability to investigate the return experiences of Iraq's forced migrants.
46) During a 2009 evaluation, UNHCR determined that the primary constraints for the Iraqi forced migrant population consisted of punishments for violations of immigration policy, refoulement (forced return to a context of persecution), a lack of access to health and education services, limited financial resources/employment, and relations with the host country.
By 1 January 2000 the Volga region had received the second highest number of forced migrants and refugees of all Russia's economic regions--a total of 250,840.
Not surprisingly, a voluntary immigrant and a forced migrant have very different experiences in terms of planning the journey, the journey itself, and the conditions of their arrival in the U.
The first are victims of the globalisation which has increased the absolute poverty of 40 per cent of the world population whence most of our refugees and other forced migrants come--from central Asia and Africa and pockets of Latin America.
1) This article began as a conference paper given in 2001 as part of a panel entitled "Urban 'Borderzones': Sudanese Refugees and Forced Migrants in Cairo" at the American Anthropological Association annual meetings.
Borders play a prominent role in forced migration today; definitions of categories of forced migrants, such as refugees and internally displaced people, policies of interdiction and extraterritorial processing, and metaphors of "fortresses" and free-movement, all rely upon the notion of a border.
More migrants, including forced migrants, women, and minors move from and to more countries and use diversified routes.
The experiences of forced migrants in cities in the global south are shaped by intersecting stressors and constraints, many of which are impervious to change.
the replacement of UNHCR with a UN High Commissioner for Forced Migrants, responsible for assistance to and the protection of all forced migrants, including not only refugees .
Serbian authorities adopted four major action plans targeted at forced migrants.
The transnational engagements of forced migrants also challenge a number of assumptions of existing transnational perspectives by directing attention to forms of exchanges and communication that do not necessarily involve the movements of people.
Some of these have unleashed human dislocation - refugees and forced migrants - on a scale not witnessed for over half a century, she said.
Some of these have unleashed human dislocation refugees and forced migrants on a scale not witnessed for over half a century, she said.