displaced person

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a person forced to flee from home or country

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As the political and development context will likely remain fragile for some time, large numbers of forced migrant families are likely to become divided, to spread the risks and maximize the benefits inherent in various locations.
Not surprisingly, a voluntary immigrant and a forced migrant have very different experiences in terms of planning the journey, the journey itself, and the conditions of their arrival in the U.
The first are victims of the globalisation which has increased the absolute poverty of 40 per cent of the world population whence most of our refugees and other forced migrants come--from central Asia and Africa and pockets of Latin America.
2) Although experiences of forced migrants are those of fear, pain, and suffering, which they would rather forget than remember, the inclusion of specific details of key moments in their lives is often construed as a marker of credibility.
MANILA -- The church should lead the way in addressing the plight of forced migrants and refugees, Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle has said.
The seven articles in this special issue all have an interest in the aesthetic expressions of the displaced, the dispossessed, and the migrant, both the mobility of the forced migrant and the universal aesthetics of expression.
Khalda's visits that day in 1996 encompassed three discrete and far-flung neighbourhoods in Cairo, then home to some 15 million residents and including a rapidly growing number of forced migrants seeking safety and security from the hard-line Islamist government in Khartoum.
46) During a 2009 evaluation, UNHCR determined that the primary constraints for the Iraqi forced migrant population consisted of punishments for violations of immigration policy, refoulement (forced return to a context of persecution), a lack of access to health and education services, limited financial resources/employment, and relations with the host country.
The persistent lack of political stability and security in Iraq not only complicates the repatriation of Iraqi citizens but also limits academics' and practitioners' ability to investigate the return experiences of Iraq's forced migrants.
Although some help is received, migrants frequently mention that forced migrant status has proved to be little more than "a piece of paper" and does not secure any concrete help.
The mentoring project is a result of the university's partnership with BACA, a Loughborough-based charity which provides specialist supported accommodation and training for forced migrants aged 16 to 18.
These are 12 residents of the region, affected by the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident, 11 forced migrants and two who left the regions of the Far North.
She also called on relevant parties to help reconstruction of civil infrastructures in the country and prepare the grounds for return of refugees and forced migrants to their home country.
Another issue is large-scale labor migration, along with the huge numbers of forced migrants and refugees coming from the region (not to mention millions of internally displaced persons).