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of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch

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Magnetic force-feedback can vastly improve the operator situational awareness by letting the operator feel the physicality they are controlling.
There is also evidence that the shape of the force-feedback function has a large influence on the "feel" and may therefore have consequences for the operation's efficiency and user satisfaction.
By the middle of next year, expect up to a dozen force-feedback joysticks and steering wheels to be on the market from all the major manufacturers of game controllers, including Advanced Gravis, CH Products, Logitech and Thrustmaster.
The study further explores the issues surrounding implementation of force-feedback devices in the office environment.
are working on different force-feedback technology and devices.
The wheel can also be used with any PlayStation(R)2 game that is compatible with other Logitech force-feedback wheels, including the Logitech(R) Driving Force(TM) and Logitech(R) Driving Force(TM) Pro.
The first use of force-feedback is expected to occur in the field of gaming, where Force-feedback technology for games and peripherals -- such as joysticks, game pads, and steering wheels -- has become ubiquitous in the PC market.
Immersion's Haptic Workstation includes right-hand and left-hand CyberForce(R) whole-hand force-feedback systems providing programmable haptic feedback to the fingers and hands.
Immersion Corporation, (Nasdaq:IMMR), a leading developer of 3D and force-feedback products and technologies, today announced that MicroScribe(TM) 3D owners have the option of upgrading their units to new MicroScribe G2 electronics.
This new force-feedback device represents the next generation of virtual experience - feeling feedback from others who share a virtual space.
He is responsible for much of the design of OpenSkies' open-standard network architecture, as well as the implementation of flight dynamics, collision, and force-feedback algorithms.
The sale was for the FreeForm Plus modeling system, which includes the PHANTOM(TM) force-feedback hardware interface and FreeForm Plus modeling software.
Stratos and Microsoft teamed-up on the Xbox project based after collaborating on several past projects that included research and development of force-feedback conditions for the Microsoft Sidewinder game controllers.
Nasdaq:IMMR), and the leading developer of whole-hand, force-feedback technology, announced the shipping of two new products: CyberForce(TM) and SimStudio(R) v2.
The simulator design mirrors the driving experience, providing, for example, a 180-degree forward field of view, safety belts, a dashboard with instruments and controls, force-feedback steering and brake controls, and an audio system producing life-like sounds and high-frequency road vibrations.