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Synonyms for military

Synonyms for military

relating to, characteristic of, or performed by troops

of, relating to, or inclined toward war

Synonyms for military

the military forces of a nation

Related Words

characteristic of or associated with soldiers or the military

associated with or performed by members of the armed services as contrasted with civilians


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He revealed that Bashir had told South Sudan's vice-president James Wani Igga that he would continue to render support to Machar until he assumes power by the force of arms and he wouldn't help in the peace process in South Sudan.
Runners-up are the Kurds who have neither desire nor intention to remain part of Iraq, and who will interpret the size of their vote as a mandate for autonomy leading to total independence - something neither we nor the US will allow as it will destablise both Iran and more importantly fellow NATO member and EU candidate Turkey, which in turn has repeatedly indicated that it is more than willing to suppress any outbreak Kurdish nationalism by force of arms.
His reforms, though long overdue, had been instituted by force of arms, setting Rome on a path toward despotism from which recovery was increasingly unlikely.
The American empire--and there can be few doubts that at this moment in history it merits this characterization--and its allies can surely demonstrate to the nations of the world a willingness to understand and accommodate those needs and not impose imperial will by force of arms.
Having ignored the wishes of the United Nations Organisation in going to war against Iraq on the basis of a false accusation he, of all people, is disqualified from talking about multilateral institutions; and to spread democracy by force of arms is a flagrant contradiction in terms.
After 30 years of fine-tuning the all-volunteer military; the Pentagon has finally gotten the perfect demographic mix, the human resources that uniformed brass and corporate civilian war planners believe will establish a New American Century in every corner of the globe by force of arms.
Nor will they accept that it is totally outdated and mischievous to persist in public demonstrations gloating over the imposition of an alien government and religion by force of arms.
Minorities are often compelled, either by force of arms or economic circumstance, to relocate.
A WEARY-LOOKING Pope John Paul, arriving in Central Asia yesterday, said all controversies between nations must be resolved by negotiations and dialogue not force of arms.
It is keen to strain the situation on the Korean Peninsula and stifle Pyongyang by force of arms,'' KCNA said.
It is for us," he said, "to defend by force of arms the Holy Church of Christ everywhere from the attack of pagans and the devastation of infidels [non-believers].
will be stripped from that court is with the force of arms.
Although their ancestors may have been conquered by force of arms, imbalance of technology and sheer numbers, the fact that a few Native Americans have organized a successful effort to counter these insults shows that, though conquered, they are not defeated.
Judged in terms of social justice, there can be no moral defense for the treatment of the nation's African American minority under a Constitution that condoned slavery and, after its abolition by force of arms, continued to provide the sanction of law for forms of racial segregation that reduced blacks to second-class citizenship.
Zinn was a bomber in World War II, an ardent believer in the need to fight fascism by force of arms.