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Synonyms for military

Synonyms for military

relating to, characteristic of, or performed by troops

of, relating to, or inclined toward war

Synonyms for military

the military forces of a nation

Related Words

characteristic of or associated with soldiers or the military

associated with or performed by members of the armed services as contrasted with civilians


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Minorities are often compelled, either by force of arms or economic circumstance, to relocate.
A WEARY-LOOKING Pope John Paul, arriving in Central Asia yesterday, said all controversies between nations must be resolved by negotiations and dialogue not force of arms.
It is for us," he said, "to defend by force of arms the Holy Church of Christ everywhere from the attack of pagans and the devastation of infidels [non-believers].
will be stripped from that court is with the force of arms.
Judged in terms of social justice, there can be no moral defense for the treatment of the nation's African American minority under a Constitution that condoned slavery and, after its abolition by force of arms, continued to provide the sanction of law for forms of racial segregation that reduced blacks to second-class citizenship.
We got California from Mexico the same way Mexico got it, the same way Spain got it and the same way every European nation got a piece of the Americas - by force of arms.
Zinn was a bomber in World War II, an ardent believer in the need to fight fascism by force of arms.
Using force of arms and exotic magical powers, players vanquish swarms of hideous creatures, search for treasure, evade traps, and solve quests.
BBC quoted Petraeus, as saying that Daash cannot be defeated by military means only, but should have a policy role in the fight because the terrorists who enjoy what he described as "strongly on an industrial scale" cannot be dealt with them by force of arms alone," indicating that the organization is a regular conventional army, possesses some of the qualities of a guerrilla army.
Hezbollah and their partners from March 8 camp invaded Beirut on May 7 2008 with the force of arms.
IT'S OK to impose our values by force of arms in counties like Iraq and Afghanistan, but it's not OK to have parts of Islamic law in the UK.
American military might is preeminent (again, universal agreement); therefore, the way to project American values is through American force of arms.
The point that I made in my letters, consistent with your article, is that attempting to remove the head of state of a sovereign country by force of arms is tantamount to an unconstitutional declaration of war.
Thundered James, "I say to my fellow Alabamians at this moment, the only way those Ten Commandments and that prayer will be stripped from that court is with the force of arms.
Let's recall what Government it is that is being asked to restore democracy to Haiti by force of arms.