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the space around a radiating body within which its electromagnetic oscillations can exert force on another similar body not in contact with it

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These speakers surrounds the object with high-intensity sound, creating "a force field that keeps the objects in place.
These sonic columns create a sort of force field that traps the ball in the air.
She added, Not everyone has a bank account and this certainly isn't a unique challenge facing Future Force Fields Solutions.
He confesses his lifelong fascination with science fiction and the ideas of force fields, invisibility rays, hyperspeed space ships, time travel and more, and then examines each of these science fiction staples, concluding that one day we may manage almost all of them.
3 The quantum space phase transitions for force fields
The force fields that are developed for a specific class of materials (e.
The origin of these differences is being examined but most likely originates with the relatively poor quality of molecular-mechanics force fields.
In particular, the rejection of the ontology of Aquinas and his heirs in favor of the concepts of concrescence and force fields results in a rethinking of the Spirit's personhood.
In the late '60s, aerodynamics researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, studying wind-tunnel effects and some later work at MIT discovered the reciprocal relationship between force fields (acoustic and electromagnetic) and objects in those fields.
Developing Force Fields from the Microscopic Structure of Solutions: The Kirkwood-Buff Approach
With their energies extended and universalized by a corps of eight, the three become force fields, energizing the shadowy spaces around and between them, rather than traveling much themselves.
Bohringer of the University of California, Berkeley have developed what they call the theory of programmable force fields to model the actions of a ciliary array.
With a degree in electrical engineering, Steve Velte knows a lot about force fields and electronics.
Fantastic, who can bend, stretch, and expand his body in any imaginable way; Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman, who can make herself disappear, generate invisible force fields, and fire invisible power blasts from her hands; Chris Evans as The Human Torch, who can become a human fireball; Michael Chiklis as The Thing, a superhuman, super strong creature with an irreversible orange-colored rocky exterior; and Julian McMahon, as the villainous Dr.
Its product offering includes Jaguar, a high-performance quantum chemical software package, and the MacroModel molecular modeling package with superior conformational analysis capabilities, a variety of force fields, and a unique continuum solvation model for modeling both organic molecules and biomolecules using molecular mechanics-based methodology.