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He threatened him with force feeding if he did not stop his hunger strike.
They also asked that the military follow federal prison rules on force feedings, which include safeguards and oversight not in place at Guantanamo.
APRL again investigated the producers in 2011 to confirm that they are still force feeding ducks to the point of organ rupture and death, according to the suit.
A nurse is facing jail after being found guilty of force feeding her baby until she died.
The hearing is being held at Hartford Superior Court in Connecticut Dr Edward Blanchette, of the state's justice department, said force feeding was essential to prevent permanent damage or even his death.
Noemie Ventura, leader of Peta's campaign against the sale of foie gras, said: "We've shown Selfridges videos of the cruel practice of force feeding these birds, but despite this they haven't stopped selling it.
Avola Humphreys is accused of force feeding an elderly resident, causing his death, and assaulting others
Legislation to end the force feeding of birds - a practice widely regarded as one of the most egregious acts of animal cruelty still in existence today - is pending in the New York State Legislature (S 1463), sponsored by State Senator Frank Padavan (D-Queens) and Assemblyman Michael Benjamin (D-Bronx).
In June, a group of Boston-based medical ethicists urged the Navy doctors carrying out the force feeding to mutiny against the practice, and called on civilian doctors to support them.
The controversial appetizer is made by force feeding ducks massive quantities of food to enlarge their livers to over 10 times normal size.
Young children should not be force fed religion and the people who are doing the force feeding are the ones who should be held accountable when people's lives are destroyed
California Governor Arnold Schwarzengger has signed a Bill banning the force feeding of ducks and geese to produce foie gras by 2012.
Sir Paul wrote: ``Here in the UK, force feeding for foie gras is not practised and has been banned in numerous other countries because of the extreme cruelty entailed.
The traumatic force feeding process can cause painful bruising, laceration and sores, as well as ruptured esophagi and livers.
Then they put us in a force feeding chair and tie us with belts," Belbacha said.