Hooke's law

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(physics) the principle that (within the elastic limit) the stress applied to a solid is proportional to the strain produced

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1] of PA9-T was also calculated by the Treloar's method using the relevant bond length, bond angles, and force constants (listed in the appendix) [22, 23].
This therefore produces a higher force constant value than if the DNA is stretched slowly.
The defect dependence of the Curie temperature in ferroelectric crystals is discussed by some workers [3] considering the change in mass and harmonic force constants between the impurity atoms and the host lattice atoms.
therefore, the force constant for the dimer corresponds to a very small 0.
F] is the force constant dependent on the useful area and the position of cylinder, and [p.
The contact force varies proportionally with deflection according to the spring's force constant, and can provide less than desirable results, proving very difficult to program.
Clients are aggravated by strong password policies that force constant change and difficult passwords, but not having those policies is not an option.
In today's payment world, pressure from regulatory and legislative angles, from advancing technology, and of course from customers force constant changes to the technology infrastructure for payments processing.
7 ps both followed by the GO with the same force constant further lowers the angle and torsional interaction energy (items 5 and 6, conformers (3b) and (3c)).
56) modeled the viscous and elastic components of a macromolecule by simplifying the structure to a series of segments that behave its Hookian springs where the force constant is based on Brownian motion and is proportional to the temperature of the system.