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the act of laying off an employee or a work force

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Various force shaping tools are utilized as needed with an objective to maintain a balanced inventory between 98 and 102 percent of authorized manning per year group.
In July, the Air Force announced force shaping programs for Fiscal Year 2007.
In Connecticut, GCS acquired the last office holdings of the FD Rich family, a major force shaping Stamford's office market over the last three decades.
This convergence of new players on a new playing field may be the most important force shaping global economics and politics in the early 21st century.
Any powerful force shaping research and research ethics (such as industry) derives and sustains its power from some of the assumptions that it shares with research ethics.
It is our intention that we do not want to make anybody leave the Air Force that does not want to leave, but offer alternatives to service and force shaping options that get the force that we have that's so dedicated and performing so superbly over into our chronic shortages.
As Osama bin Laden could tell you, religious extremism--especially Islamic fundamentalism--is a major force shaping world events today.
SUSTAINABILITY will be the major force shaping Wales in this new century.
The survey also shows that with the growth in their numbers, white evangelicals have emerged as a cohesive force shaping American political debate and holding more conservative views than other groups on issues including gay marriage, immigration policy and gun control, as well as abortion.
THE MOST SIGNIFICANT FORCE SHAPING THE ECONOMIC destiny of African Americans over the last 25 years has been the emergence of the black professional class.
Climate is the major force shaping ecosystems, but landform is the secondary differential criterion.
The SIPits, held twice a year, are a driving force shaping SIP into a protocol that interoperates globally for real-time Internet communication services.
of Cambridge, UK) and Pistor (law, Columbia Law School, US), holds that the legal institutions that are adopted by a country operate "as an exogenous force shaping the growth path of national economies, with implications for industrial and market structure, distribution, and politics.
And remember that PTS is a force shaping tool to move Sailors to ratings where we need them, not to force them out of the Navy.
This leaves only about 645 officer losses as a result of force shaping measures, a number significantly lower than last year's goal.
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