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Advancing Samuel's foraminifera research remained a constant, but this return trip provided me with a range of exciting new possibilities.
The dominance of long-ranging heterohelicid and hedbergellid planktonic foraminifera in the study area permit better biostratigraphic resolution only at stage level (Table 4) [7].
Foraminifera are possibly the most versatile fossil group as paleoceanographic and paleoclimatic proxies, whether one is utilizing planktonic or benthic species.
Pliocene and Miocene Foraminifera from the Capistrano Formation, Orange County, California.
Radiocarbon calibration beyond 20 000 C-14 yr BP by means of planktonic foraminifera of the Iberian Margin.
Foraminifera from the Clayton Formation (Paleocene) in southeastern Hardeman County, Tennessee.
The coral-crinoid-bryozoan thicket provided a congenial shelter for a wide variety of other organisms such as benthic foraminifera, ostracodes, trilobites, gastropods, small bryozoans, brachiopods, and sponges.
Since recent foraminifera on the Texas Gulf Coast were first described (Kornfeld 1931; Phleger & Parker 1951; Post 1951; Parker et al.
The wackestones and packstones are very fossiliferous, and contain abundant brachiopods (Figure 4C), bivalves, some bryozoans, and fusulinid foraminifera (e.
The analysis revealed the identical foraminifera (i.
Because Eocene sediments in studied sections have been deposited in shallow environments, planktonic foraminifera can help in determination of age.
Impact of the ocean carbonate chemistry on living foraminifera shell weight: comment on "carbonate ion concentration in glacial-age deepwaters of the Caribbean sea" by W.
The organisms, known as benthic foraminifera, are found in extremely long cores of sediments drilled from the bottom of the ocean floor.
Bernhard studies the ecology and biogeochemistry of some of the ocean's smallest inhabitants: single-celled organisms called foraminifera, which play a central role in the marine food web.
1) on well-preserved foraminifera, has recently led to a much better quantification of sea surface temperatures (SSTs) across the PETM.