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the act of searching for food and provisions


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Gaining insights into why moose forage on a particular plant or select specific twigs, or diameters of twigs, from that plant is critical to understanding the mechanisms controlling foraging behavior.
Both female and male Northern Cardinals deviated from expected foraging behavior due to interactions with conspecifics.
Foraging behavior and dominance hierarchy in colonies of the neotropical social wasp Polistes ferreri Saussure, 1853 (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) in different stages of development.
No study has described responses of foraging behavior of peregrine falcons to dam-induced alteration of riverine ecosystems.
Our study suggests that this has to do with the enormous energy costs of its unique foraging behaviors," he added.
The foraging behavior of ants also provides lessons for robotics engineers who want to create independent, mobile robots that operate effectively in unpredictable environments.
Variation in foraging behavior, diet, and time of breeding of Florida Scrub-Jays in suburban and wildland habitats.
Because availability of water potentially can affect foraging behavior and quality of diet (Lautier et al.
Researchers at the British Antarctic Survey have recently combined satellite tracking data with wandering albatross activity data to provide a more complete picture of the bird's foraging behavior.
We made field observations of foraging behavior during 1,080 hrs (360 hrs/area).
Instead of focusing on nest sites, she decided to study how people affect the foraging behavior of the piping plover.
Seasonal differences in rainfall, food availability, and the foraging behavior of Tropical Kingbirds in the southern Amazon Basin.
Photo: White lines on rock show foraging behavior of Euchondrus desertorum, one of two species of snails found to contribute heavily to soil formation in the Negev Desert Highlands.
Tail pumping did not predict foraging behavior of Black Phoebes.