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Synonyms for forage

Synonyms for forage

to make a thorough search of

Synonyms for forage

bulky food like grass or hay for browsing or grazing horses or cattle

the act of searching for food and provisions


Related Words

collect or look around for (food)

wander and feed

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For several ant species at the Pugh Canyon site, I estimated the probability of death by introducing foragers into the ant lion zone.
This, probably, was due to absence of a clear distinction between house-bees and foragers since all workers performed to a greater or lesser extent all tasks in the colonies.
As long as there is pollen and nectar to gather and times when it's not raining, the forager bees should be able to gather enough to feed the hive.
The nectar that forager bees bring back to the hive, where it is produced into honey, can have an effect on the health of the entire colony.
It holds that Varroa mites move among colonies by attaching to forager bees.
Foragers returning to the hive without pollen with abdomens distended were counted as mostly likely with nectar (Huang et al.
The pleas are mainly directed at the mushroom tourists, and they might as well have been printed in Russian, not that it would matter to the ex-Soviet foragers, who are well-versed in the art of dissimulation and the craft of mushroom hunting.
Carmel Valley Ranch will also host the Foragers Festivals popular Fungus Face-Off on Saturday, January 14, in a beautiful tented setting on the resorts Pete Dye-designed golf course.
Chris Marshall has made a Snowdonia gin called Foragers and is introducing it at gin-tasting sessions.
With this trope, I give you Foragers, Farmers, and Fossil Fuels, a brilliant book--with limitations.
As he now sees our history, at some stage, perhaps some millions of years after the hominins diverged from the great ape stock, ecological change drove a transition from foragers as technically ingenious, social, but competitive individuals to collaborative foragers, and the challenges and opportunities of collaboration drove hominin minds and social lives further and further away from great ape norms.
In order to relate the climatic variables and the foraging activity, data on the air temperature and relative humidity was correlated with the number of foragers leaving the colony by using Spearman's coefficient of correlation.
From roughly 11,000 to 5,000 years ago, foragers in central and southern regions increasingly adopted ornamental beads favored by incoming farmers, say archaeologist Solange Rigaud of New York University and her colleagues.
A band of Shawnees led by Chief Blackfish captured Boone and a group of foragers in 1778, as they gathered salt for their community.