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a wedge-shaped wool or cotton cap


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The same order stipulated that engineers would wear silver castles on their epaulettes, forage caps, and belt plate.
Mr Elvis continued: 'There are at least a dozen dealers specialising in military uniforms, but visitors will be able to buy anything from a bicycle to a tank, or a button, regimental badge or a forage cap to a field gun.
If he's not walking the grounds wearing an RAF forage cap glad-handing total strangers to the championships, he's working the queues giving away free tickets.
Jim has produced such unusual items for the living history buff as the 1825 Infantry Forage cap, the 1839 Forage cap, Type I, and numerous World War I European soft caps.
The Duke of Cambridge doll was dressed in the Irish Guards' uniform, informally clasping a Forage Cap beneath his right arm.
William will travel to Westminster Abbey with his brother and wearing an Irish Guards mounted officer's uniform in guard of honour order with a forage cap.
THIS is an SOS for help from anyone who could let me have a World War II forage cap.
Coslett in his uniform and forage cap, a patch over his glass eye and accompanied everywhere by his distinctive white Alsatian dog, Gelert, cut a swashbuckling figure.
There is an officer's forage cap, a pocket from an RAF tunic with a Waterman pen still clipped inside and a silk flying glove.
The unfortunate subaltern, sneaking out of Fort Lewis in his "Brown and Stone" forage cap was confronted by an irate Rocky, who tore a severe strip off him.
His Union flag-draped coffin, topped with his forage cap, regimental belt, a flower wreath and a single white rose, was carried into Holy Trinity Church by six of his regiment.
He brought stuff back from wherever he served," says Linda, spreading out on the floor a swastika-emblazoned shirt, a German army diary, a Japanese soldier's forage cap and a great deal more besides.
1 Conductivity (field work) - 2 2 oximeters (field work) - 1 3 pH-meter (field work) - 1 of 4 forage cap Depth - 1 5 Hensen pipette - 1 Bottle Dispenser 6 - 2 7 Automatic pipette 0.
Contract award: supply of uniforms and equip items for 2014-2016 (learner sailor shirt with short sleeves; koszulo half-blouse pattern 93; cap learner sailor tropical; field pattern forage cap 93; sailor beret, winter hat, tropical underwear, gloves, pilot).