ad hoc

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Synonyms for ad hoc

for present purposes


  • for present purposes
  • when needed
  • as the need arises

Words related to ad hoc

often improvised or impromptu

Related Words

for or concerned with one specific purpose

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14) For this purpose, a regulated industry is one for which a federal regulator has issued a "uniform system of accounts" or "USOA" identifying a particular unit of property (a "USOA unit of property").
50) Additional modifications are also made to the FIE Rules for this purpose, including a rule preventing an NRE from being a CFA of a foreign affiliate.
For this purpose, passive income is defined in Sec.
For this purpose,"qualified indicia of ownership" means legal title to the property, other indicia of ownership treated as beneficial ownership of the property under applicable principles of commercial law (e.
For this purpose, "disqualified stock" is generally stock in Distributing or Controlled that is acquired by related persons with a 50-percent or greater interest in such corporation.