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contagious degenerative infection of the feet of hoofed animals (especially cattle and sheep)

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plant disease in which the stem or trunk rots at the base

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In the past when their body condition dropped with the lameness it could take up to six weeks for them to regain that condition after we had cured the footrot.
Schering-Plough veterinary adviser Paul Williams said sheep producers in this country could be confident of the efficacy of Footvax vaccine for flocks where footrot had been confirmed as the cause of lameness.
The key thing to understand is that footrot can be controlled with a dedicated whole flock approach and is not something we simply have to live with," he stresses.
The sheep with obvious footrot can be trimmed where required, although generally wholescale or severe trimming is not a good idea as it generally makes matters worse.
Clarke who satirised the rural New Zealand male and Wal Footrot was the eponymous hero of the popular comic strip Footrot Flats, which also drew upon the rural New Zealand male stereotype for humorous effect.
Association between alleles of the ovine major histocompatibility complex and resistance to footrot.
Jimmy Mullen's at The Banks's Stadium had expired, albeit due to factors not all within his control, and the Saddlers were limping through the season like a flock of sheep with footrot.
Tags uniquely identify each animal in the database which holds information ranging from milking ability and fat cover to disposition to footrot.
Historian Philip Orr, who is based in the North, added: "There were raids, foul-smelling dugouts, rats that fed on unburied corpses and the footrot that left men crippled after hours spent standing in deep water.
This not only destroys the sod and kills out the plants, but also makes conditions ideal for footrot, mastitis, calf scours, etc.
TETRADURE 300 also effectively controls pinkeye and footrot.
However the prevalence of footrot, fluke and lung worm and spear grass rendered much of the area unsuitable for sheep.
A century ago the American Wild West was chock-a-block with snakeoil salesmen, self-styled "healers" who peddled curious lotions and wondrous potions for everything from footrot to horse colic.
Sheep that resist flystrike and footrot, in addition to worms, would be good for starters.
IaIN Scald - also known as inter-digital dermatitis or Benign Footrot - to begin with, is caused by the bacteria Fusobacterium necrophorum.