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Synonyms for footfall

the act or manner of going on foot

Synonyms for footfall

the sound of a step of someone walking


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Always of a sedate, taciturn disposition, he now fell into so deep a dejection that nothing could hold his attention, yet anything--a footfall, the sudden closing of a door--aroused in him a fitful interest; one might have called it an apprehension.
There were, for a while, soft whisperings and footfalls in the chamber, as one after another stole in, to look at the dead; and then came the little coffin; and then there was a funeral, and carriages drove to the door, and strangers came and were seated; and there were white scarfs and ribbons, and crape bands, and mourners dressed in black crape; and there were words read from the Bible, and prayers offered; and St.
You have been reading English poetry with her," he said, immovable now, like another man altogether, a complete stranger to the man of the heavy and uncertain footfalls a little while ago--at my elbow.
Again I remarked his lameness and the soft padding sound of his footfall, and standing up in my place, I saw his feet as he went out.
The Company had marched to the turn of the road ere Sir Nigel Loring rode out from the gateway, mounted on Pommers, his great black war-horse, whose ponderous footfall on the wooden drawbridge echoed loudly from the gloomy arch which spanned it.
Maggie obeyed, wondering; but her father gave no further orders, and only sat listening for Tom's footfall on the gravel, apparently irritated by the wind, which had risen, and was roaring so as to drown all other sounds.
It was a pine wood, with so thick and soft a carpet of brown needles that one's footfall made no more sound than if he were treading on wool; the tree-trunks were as round and straight and smooth as pillars, and stood close together; they were bare of branches to a point about twenty-five feet above-ground, and from there upward so thick with boughs that not a ray of sunlight could pierce through.
The idea has been was being brainstormed over for a while but was not taken up due to the lesser footfalls at the stations.
However, with the sharp rise in terms of footfall, the idea has reached the solid stage with several investors approaching BMRC to use large metro station spaces to house start-ups.
Summary: DUBAI/SHARJAH - Footfalls in Dubai and Sharjah malls have gone up to as high as 14 per cent during the first few days of Ramadan and they are expected to increase further towards the end of the holy month.
The malls said retail footfalls is rising as Ramadan progresses.
Oasis centre saw 30% surge in footfalls in week two
While the first DSF weekend was very sluggish, we saw a big spike in both footfalls and sales during the second.
If Jimmy Culver the thirty-something hero of Eddie Gresham's frighteningly macabre fantasy novel Footfalls were to choose a favourite song it definitely wouldn't be Lay Your Head on My Pillow.
Whush" of the demon's encroaching footfalls and not react must be emotionally bereft.