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a unit of illuminance on a surface that is everywhere 1 foot from a point source of 1 candle

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Its own research, which analyzed the effect of IESNA-recommended light levels with regard to how secure they made people feel, showed that 1 to 3 footcandles sufficed.
Easy to install and maintain, the Sunnex PM Series of lights is equipped with up to 2,600 footcandles of light intensity and 3,100[degrees] K cool temperature.
Our designers plan for about 100 footcandles in gondola shelving areas to provide adequate lighting of product.
Company's 49 or 89 Enviroguard tube with Vision+ optics increases footcandles 57%.
The Ritter 152 Halogen Light uses a 35-watt quartz halogen bulb that provides 1,500 footcandles at 24" for an optimum amount of quality light.
These include Irradiance in Watts, Illuminance in footcandles and Lux, Correlated Color temperature in Kelvin, Spectral Power Distribution (SPD), and 1931 CIE xy and 1976 CIE u'v' coordinates.
For instance, the lighting level for a stairway should not be less than three footcandles at floor level, as indicated in the BOCA Basic Building Code.
Since the American Standard Recommendation prescribes illumination in terms of footcandles on the horizontal plane and emphasizes reduced glare, there has been a tendency to use luminaires with sharp cutoffs of the main beam, which directs the light predominantly down onto the pavement surface.
We mentioned three limitations to its use: It reads only footcandles (ft-c), it cannot accurately measure lighting levels below 10 ft-c, and its accuracy is within about 10 percent to 15 percent, depending on the intensity of the light being measured.
The laws require light of a minimum of 10 footcandles up to five feet from the machine, a minimum of two footcandles from up to 50 feet from the machine, and a minimum of two footcandles within 60 feet of a defined parking area," said Mr.
The researchers report that although the typical level of lighting in offices is 40 to 50 footcandles, lighting in intensive care nurseries averaged 90 footcandles in 1982 and can go as high as 190 in some -- not counting additional lighting from sunshine and sunlamps, which may add 300 footcandles.
Some areas of the facility are even achieving 27 more footcandles with LED lighting than they were with fluorescents.
S footcandles for security, and you can achieve that a lot more easily with today's optics and not waste any light.
LED downlights (Dasal), along with LED wall washing and cove lighting behind the desk create this more relaxed atmosphere, as the illuminance level dips from 40 footcandles at the elevators to 15 fc at reception.