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Synonyms for football

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All age groups follow the Westend FC mini football rules and no league tables are produced.
Football rules state a team has to have seven men at the start of play.
MPS HAVE called for changes to football rules to prevent the likes of Manchester United's owners saddling clubs with debts running into hundreds of millions of pounds.
I don't want to waste any time thinking about it because if the decision goes against the football rules, it's going to be a much bigger problem.
Now it seems it was not only immoral but possibly contrary to football rules, given the Premier League's insistence on investigating Mascherano's move to Liverpool and similar problems surrounding Manuel Fernandes as he attempts to leave Portsmouth for Everton.
The reguest was refused - and when asked if the SFA would consider pursu ing suggestions of Smith being 'tapped up', Taylor said: "In terms of football rules and regulations, 'tapping' in that context is not something which would be pursued by the SFA - because this is an unusual situation between the asso ciation and the club.
com likens the rule to ``bad taco meat that's getting worse,'' and gives out the phone number, fax and e-mail address of Ty Halpin, the NCAA Football Rules Committee liaison in Indianapolis.
That's a breach of football rules for which Stretford has already been charged by the FA.
From Shakespeare's First Folio to football rules, there are 12 books said to have changed the world.
He said: "Players, managers and directors have to realise that even betting on their own team to win is a breach of football rules on betting.
We got to know Dave Nelson when he was football coach at Delaware and we remained good friends as he moved from coach to athletic director to dean of men, while serving as editor/official interpreter of the NCAA football rules.
As clips from past NFL games are projected on a giant-screen television, fans select from multiple choice answers on a touch screen computer to test their knowledge of football rules.
He was recently awarded his second German Film Prize 2000 for Best Actor for his latest movie Football Rules OK, a sports comedy, and Bavarian Film Prizes for both Football Rules OK, and Enlightenment Guaranteed, a film about a trip to Japan taken by two very different brothers.
FA general secretary Alex Horne hailed the introduction of the technology as one of the most important developments in the 150 years since football rules were laid down - and said it would not suffer from the same problems as cricket.
But Isco is alive, being the star of Spain's Under-21 Euro success, and has played only 73 games for the club But, more importantly, Malaga could lose a squad member for next season, as Spanish football rules state that La Liga clubs can have a maximum squad of 25 and the players must wear the numbers 1-25.