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Synonyms for football

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The lower limb has been identified as the primary region of the body vulnerable to injury not only affecting the football codes, but also the majority of running based sports (Burns et al.
The only thing dumber than most football codes is the near total lack of effort by the opposing coaches and players to break them.
AS a long-time supporter of both football codes in this city, it pains me to see the dire financial restraints both clubs are under.
The 19-year-old has made an impressive start in soccer and excels in both football codes.
The current anti-siphoning list comprises domestic and international sporting events in 12 categories including cricket, tennis, golf, motor sports and the football codes.
The case has sent shockwaves across sports-obsessed Australia, where rival football codes have already been rocked by anti-doping investigations involving players, coaches and officials in recent months.
I have no doubt there will be comment about starting the season while football codes are still in operation but we want to give our cricketers the best opportunities to prepare for international cricket and balancing that with an opportunity for some to play on a global stage, such as at Champions League Twenty20," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted CA boss James Sutherland, as saying.
Indeed, various physiological studies, at different levels of competition, have been conducted across a number of football codes including soccer (Reilly, 1997), rugby union and league (Coutts et al.
In Australia, which has four football codes all competing in the same marketplace, administrators are already having second thoughts about their expansion plans.
AFL players have enormous respect for the talent and commitment of their Irish counterparts and believe that the International Rules series is a tremendous vehicle to showcase the athleticism and dynamic football skills of elite participants in the respective Australian and Irish indigenous football codes.
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