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Synonyms for football

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The National Rugby League (NRL) which was the first Australian football code to centrally test for illicit substances, said that each club needs to conduct 70 tests on its NRL players and 70 tests on its National Youth Competition players, with two audits a year by representatives of the NRL and Players' Association.
RISING STAR: Georgia Stevens is making a name for herself in girls'' football Code zz240111GEORGIA-1
Rugby League becomes the first football code to be played regularly under floodlights.
Should Distillery come through the first two rounds before Villa's introduction to the tournament, it would be a real stroll down memory lane for the Northern Irishman who began his career there after switching from the Gaelic football code.
And Moore, who sacrificed his career at Rangers to play for his country at the 2004 Olympic Games, can only see a rosy future for the round-ball football code in a country traditionally dominated by Aussie Rules, rugby league and rugby union.
In rugby code and in football code it is acceptable for the captain to ask why something happened.
We keep hearing about the friendly atmosphere on Cardiff match days, as the punters perambulate the pedestrianised area, marvelling at the castle, supping the nectar that is Brain's Bitter and wondering if Max Boyce will embrace a different football code for the day.
Recommendation: If in two years sufficient progress has not been made to implement the specific recommendations in this report, including the establishment of a Football Regulatory Authority and detailed Football Code.
Jeffers is a great young prospect," said ex-Liverpool defender Tommy Smith in his local newspaper column, "but he must learn this is one football code you never break.
Those Scots who followed the round ball football code in days of old were used to coming home from Wembley weekends, recalling, if sober enough, how their heroes had given their all, only to leave defeated.
He may run a football code, but he (Demetriou) simply has no idea what the AFL's left hand is doing from the right.
Children who are taller have an obvious advantage when playing the football code of AFL," Dr.
MELBOURNE: Australia will bid for the women's soccer World Cup in 2023 as part of a 20-year vision to boost the sport in a country dominated by rival football codes.
Heightened security will also be in place at major sporting arenas in coming weeks when Australia's football codes conduct final series matches.
AFTER missing out on a first ever taste of AFL finals action this month, Brisbane's Pearce Hanley sought consolation in last week's All-Ireland football Final, but yet another Mayo defeat left him ruing what might have been in both football codes.
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